Friday, June 22, 2012

A change of direction...

It’s been a while since I've done a blog post (crumbs I just checked, it's over a month) and almost as long since I've read anyone else’s. I'm sorry about that... I'm sure I've been missing out on wonderful things while I’ve been missing in action. And no, the change of direction does not involve me becoming a vegetarian!
I've been struggling with what to do about the blog.  To be honest, I've lost a bit of interest.  Perhaps it’s because I've lost interest in some of the related things...if you’d told me six months ago that I would have so many not just unread magazines, but actually unopened ones I would have thought you were the one who was bonkers, not me!
(and that's only a few of them!)
I don’t want to give blogging up, but nor do I want it to be a pressure, or heaven forbid a burden. So I've decided to give it another direction.  I want to focus (no pun intended, or maybe just a little one) on photography. I've been taking lots of photos. I have a new DSLR, I’m also a bit addicted to using the iPhone and posting pictures on Instagram and Streamzoo, and I'm studying.
I’ve tried a lot of things in my life. I'm a "let’s give it a whirl" kind of girl, but the truth is I don’t often stick to anything. Let me see...there have been courses in painting, sewing, writing, styling...although to be fair I did pick up fairly quickly that schlepping around the place with a bunch of props wasn't for me! 
I’ve knitted, crocheted, sewed, glued, drilled. I lose interest quickly I'm afraid.
I’ve been working with a life coach on this...why it is I don’t pursue anything to its proper conclusion, why I don’t persevere. But with photography I’ve finally found something that I want to become really good at, earn some money from sometime down the track, and continue to be thrilled by. And as I heard someone say on the radio the other day "if you don't know where you're going, where you end up is exactly the right place". I like that. It sits well with me.
(my fabulous table tonic it to bits)
So my dear friends, the blog is likely to turn into a place where I can post my own images, not shots that other people take. This seems to be to be a sensible combination of keeping the blog going, keeping my interest going, as well as forcing me to do my assignments in the photography course I'm currently studying.  And I promise I will do some interiors down the track! I have just the house in mind.
I hope you stay along for the ride and see where it takes me. Game on!
all images: a tranquil townhouse/Kerry Martin (some using the Canon, some the iPhone)


  1. Changing direction is a good thing - it keeps us all on our toes and adds interest to our lives. So bring on the photos!

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  2. Yay, I'm so excited for you Kerri! I really do look forward to seeing your images and am so pleased that your not going to break up with the blog. We'd miss you too much :)
    I have always felt like I have to post my own images on my blog to the point where I feel a little bad when I don't. Very silly, but maybe that's the artist in me resisiting? I don't know, doesn't matter really, but yay for your images, they're really good!! xx

    1. Whoopsie, cannot believe I wrote your name incorrectly Kerry! I'm such a ditz! Hugs x

  3. The new direction sounds exciting! I look forward to more!

  4. Sounds like a good plan Kerry. With your wit and great photography, your blog will still be one of my favourites.

  5. Good. On. You. Do whatever you want .. that's what our blogs are for. Although my blog has also been left unattended for quite a few months. I too cannot bother reading any home mags (I've gone from buying 3-4 a week - inc all the architect fancy ones - to buying maybe 1 a month). My direction has changed also - I had a light bulb life changing moment about 4 months ago - and now I am into health and fitness. I've lost 20 kilos and have never felt so good. I couldn't care less about the latest doona cover or analysis why I like a particular house in a particular mag.

    So, if your new interest is photography - I'll be glad to pop in and view all the fancy, not so fancy and whatever else catches your eyes shots - and will be thrilled in seeing what you see.

    Hope your journey is going well. Take care and I'll keep a look out. Stay focused (see, I'm just as bad at jokes as you)!!

    1. wow linda - that sounds amazing. good on you!! x

    2. thanks Jules. and don't worry .. i still read your blog. if 'change is inevitable' i look forward to seeing your change (-:

  6. I think that you're doing the right thing ! And I hope that it will makes you feel happy !!
    You are like me testing one thing after another. But something must be the THING to do :) Even for me.

    Lots of hugs

  7. It keeps things interesting when you have a change of direction. I'm loving all your photos on instagram Kerry, you are clearly learning heaps!! Xx

  8. I have never been the sort of person that has known what I should do and have always looked enviously upon those who know early on from school age their life's direction. A few years ago I decided to just follow and trust my gut instinct. Sometimes things are only for a short while but they can lead you to something is all learning. I have never regretted my decision and very happy that it has led me to Iceland. Just enjoy your journey Kerry and I look forward to your fabulous pictures and stories.

  9. Hi Kerry,
    It's so lovely to see you posting and it will be a pleasure to see your journey into photography. I think that a loss of interest in blogging happens to us all and we often ponder as to why we do it and for what purpose. I just love all of the people that I have met along the way. It's like having pen friends in lots of different countries. You can certainly rely on me to be reading and commenting on your blog, no matter what you blog about. It's always a treat to see what you have posted about.
    As for flitting from one thing to another, I think that's very healthy. Try everything, I say, and see what you like the best. You have found that your interest lies in photography.....maybe you wouldn't have found that out if you hadn't tried lots of things......and, maybe you don't have to analyse everything so much ..... just go with the flow and don't question it....that's how I look at things, but then again, what do I know !!!! haha.
    Hope that you are well Kerry and I look forward to seeing your can teach me a few things about photography while your at it.
    P.s......... love your necklace ......... you know that I love silver. I have quite a few bracelets from Afghanistan and India. If we lived near to each other we could borrow each others !!
    Much love. XXXX

  10. A wonderful idea! I would have been devastated if you had stopped blogging and I am loving your photography! Perhaps you would like to practice on my house as I need new shots for the internet?!!!!!! xx

  11. I for one can't wait to see what that wonderful eye of yours chooses to focus on, it's going to be a slit foul ride. Got my first iPhone today and itching to play with instagram, will it be as satisfying as the dlsr? Time will tell...

  12. Well, you know I love your instagram pics so this seems like the perfect idea to me. Have fun and run with it! I can't wait to see what you post!

    Best wishes and happy weekend!

  13. I am in your photos and can totally relate to wanting to use your own photos on your blog. It is so much easier and fun. Keep shooting..and enjoy!

    Jeanne xx

  14. good for you, kerry! i never use any image other than my own, on my bloggy. my blog is just one of my creative outlets, where i challenge myself to take a good pic or two. i treat my posts like another art project...i have never been good with words and i have been saying less and less on my blog and i like it better. change is good, embrace it and have fun! i look forward to your photos.

  15. Obviously can't use the phone yet...slit foul was meant to be insightful! Lol

  16. I missed you. I'm glad you're back. I'll follow you on your new blog because it was 'you' I was following in the first place, not your images of interiors.

    I think you'll find a new blog refreshing. I'd start completely from scratch. I just did that and it's great. New blog. Different feel. Cast off the dead wood etc.

  17. i'm looking forward to it darl, you have a brilliant eye!!

    I connected with so much you wrote in this post, i think i'm in a similar spot. i keep thinking its my gemini brain messing with me again. but reading your story, i think change is inevitable and it is a good thing that should be embraced. happy you've found your new new direction darl xxxx

  18. Oh Kerry, you gorgeous girl. It sounds like you've really been doing a lot of soul-searching - good for you. I'm thrilled you've found a passion like this and can't wait to see where it takes you (and us!). J x

  19. hi Kerry I think this is a great idea. I will continue to stop by. I hope you are getting on as okay as possible during this black time and that very soon the clouds will starting lifting. xoxo

  20. I for one, am happy just to have you being you, and with your own images, which are looking pretty amazing by the way, then even better. Remembering that you also have a gift for words, I'm expecting, one day, a book that combines your two passions together. I shall gently plug that idea. xx
    P.S Any photography tips you can pass along my way shall be greatly received. Think I need a few lessons with my new camera.

  21. Kerry, the only person who should decide what is best for you, is you. I only know you through your blog and it seemed to me that you had a multi-interest in all things and were determined to do them well. Probably what kept me coming back to the blog and I felt a connection to another driven woman. The cute guy I married calls me Lana (Anal spelled backwards) and there is now a huge club of Lana girls in my circle of friends and acquaintances. Where is the rule that says we have to finish everything we start, honey. My sis always tells me to lighten up - not my nature but now that I am retired, I am trying to do just that. Do what you want - I would miss you, Buffy and the blog but if I knew you were happy not doing the blog, I'd survive. I love your photography and I would also be happy to view that if that is what you decide to do. Cheers.

  22. Hi Kerry,

    The photos you took are gorgeous. I especially like the necklace one. And Oh if your life coach gives you a reason why you jump from activity to activity please let us know! I am pretty much the same way, I will start something work at it intently for a few weeks then poof a month will go by and I haven`t touched it again, would love to know and cure this habit of mine! There are some things I wish I could just stick with consistantly so it would be great to hear. Your blog should be about what interests you so I say go for it! It will be neat to see your evolution as a photographer and if knock on wood that doesn`t stick whatever else you go after. So all the best with your course and new adventure.


  23. Kerry, enjoy the journey! It can be hard to have so many interests and not just one passion, but it also means you're versatile, adaptable, and interesting. Don't you think? The good thing about your blog is that is can be always there, for when you're ready - or not. I too have gone through a blogging/identity crisis and was convinced I'd never do it again. After some 'life coaching'/therapy, I am identify and persueing my passion - design/decorating/stying - and am suddenly re-interested in blogging. This time with more direction (I think!) Your photos are great, go for it!! BTW, not a bad idea from MakeminemidCentury - maybe a new blog on photography? Best wishes ...

  24. Your blog is filled with so much lovely eye-candy. Thank you for sharing it and inspiring my paintings.

  25. I am excited to see your photos Kerry.

  26. I think this is a wonderful idea Kerry! I'm glad to be able to check in on your blog again from time to time. You're right blogging can definately be pressure if you let it, but its a pleasant relaxation when you feel like it, as long as one doesn't get addicted.I already love the pictures you've taken and posting on fb and other ones' you've posted of your own too. Photography is definately the 'new black' in art these days, and you definately have the eye.
    As for an outlook on the guy in the movie the 'Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' said "Things always work out in the end, and so if things are not working out, then it is definately not the end". ha ha i loved that! So true, it's always good to try many different things out in life, and so what if you lose interest...all the experience trying things has broadened your horizons and makes you a more interesting/diverse person than those of us that get stuck on one thing forever.
    Anyway, glad to hear your blogs still a go. Take care and love xo Sal

  27. I found out I was pregnant back in March, an it seemed as though my blog was the first thing that took a back seat. I found myself having "nothing to write about." it took me 5 months to figure out if I was going to go on with the blog and share my experience-or just let it "be"- I decided to share!

  28. I turn 64 next week ......cannot believe this....any I've just started making jewellery and it has quite brightened me up. Nice you are back on board.

  29. They say change is as good as a holiday! Good on you for wanting to do something that I know you thoroughly enjoy. It has been a pleasure following you on Instagram and I can see your passion for photography in your photos. I can't remember how long I have followed you (6 months?) on there but I can see the changes in your style and you are so talented at it Kerry. I've lost my blogging mojo and it is taking a little holiday, but I am happy with my instagramming for the moment and have met some wonderful people (both new friends and some 'old' blogging ones too). I feel like I've got to know people a bit better outside of their blogs. I'm glad you have found something you are so passionate about, and happy that you will still be blogging from time to time - after all, this is where I first met you!!

  30. The beauty of RSS Kerry, that we can be sure we don't miss your posts whenever you decide to post them.

    As for perseverance: well, there's no point in persevering when you have sucked something dry. Happiness is finding something which continues to delight you!

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