Sunday, April 7, 2013

it’s bye from me and miaow from the vampire slayer…

It’s a glimpse of the bleeding obvious to say that I haven’t done a blog post for a looooong, long time. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the most honest is that I lost interest. Let’s face it, I have the attention span of a gnat, so I’m surprised I lasted this long. But before I hang up the tranquil townhouse blogging boots there are some things I need to say. Naturally! Buckle up for a longish read.
2012 was a very eventful year for me in both my personal and professional life. I made a bad decision in the former (which I was blessedly able to make right) and some good ones in the work context. One of those good work decisions means I’m now working four days a week and devoting my day off to an interest that I hope to build into some form of professional undertaking. It also means that I can devote a bit more time to doing some things for mum and dad, albeit remotely. Dad’s Alzheimer’s is progressing, but slowly, and mum’s doctor describes her as 'off with the pixies' so I have my work cut out!
If you’ve been with me for a while you’ll know that I can be a bit of a flibbertigibbet, or so it seems. I’ve tried my hand at writing, I’ve flirted with design, I’ve done any number of crafty things (and I don’t care what anyone says I still love my knitted dishcloths!!) but nothing has really stuck, and I’ve not had the drive to work at any of it hard enough to consider myself ‘successful’. Whatever that means. Until now.
Photography has grabbed me by the ….ahmm, whatevers; shown me a new way of looking at the world, inspired me to get back into learning and study, and given me a glimpse of another way to perhaps one day earn some money. A way that is very different to the way I’ve been doing it all my life.
I need to challenge myself, and while I’ve had a wonderful career in the HR field and continue to work happily in it (there are after all still bills to pay), I want and need a change. I want to see where I can take this interest in photography. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m going to give it a red hot go. The Diploma of Photography is underway, I’m practising new techniques, trying to get a handle on my style (if indeed there is a need to have just one), taking instruction and getting ‘assignments’, or as some may put it ‘suggestions’ from the man in my life who is a visual artist and photography teacher…and quite honestly, I’m just having a lot of fun.
I started this blog for the simple reason of practising my writing…a suggestion from the first born and a very good one at that….at the time. But it has surprised me that writing is not what I want to do. I’ll leave that to Jess…who has just been very brave, left CLEO and is starting to freelance (so if you’re looking for a great me)! My son Ben has grown with this blog as well, got a degree, moved house a gazillion times, has started a new job in a place that will feed his soul, and been a wonderful creative support to me. I have truly awesome kids.
So possums, it’s time for me to concentrate on other things. But my we’ve had a good time together haven’t we? We’ve shared our ups and downs, been supportive of each other (your concern when I was diagnosed with depression brought me to tears on more than one occasion…in a good way), laughed…a lot, looked at pretty pictures, done a bit of soul searching…all of that stuff that friends do. You have brought a great deal of joy to my life with your humour and care, the occasional well intentioned and witty jibe and the sincerity of your good wishes. You might like to know that I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and thought to myself, wow, I’m really happy :)
I have built a website for my photography and I've also started a photography blog.  I’m on facebook (as me) and on instagram (as kerry_j_martin). I’d love to see you any of those places. There is a trip to Paris, Arles, Venice and Florence coming up in July to tempt you to follow along!
The vampire slayer is not well, in fact she has cancer and the vet says she probably only has a few months left. Ever annoying to the last, here she is lying on my black velvet photo backdrop shedding fur and dribbling as I type! But I will miss her hugely.
If she could talk I’m sure she’d say thank you as well. You’ve been a great Buffy fan club so I guess it’s fitting she have the last word.


  1. Sorry to this go but excited about your new plans Kerry! Life is all about change and development!

    Good luck and thanks for the interesting 'Tranquil Townhouse'.



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  2. I've always thought you were marvellous at all your endeavours. I liked the way you'd try various creative means. That seemed natural to me. I am very sad that this blog has come to an end. I realise you didn't post as often any more, but it was comforting to know you were still here in the background. Though I see from your last post, the Anonymouses have gotten hold, so probably best to shake them before they take over completely.

    Goodbye lovely lady and elegant, dribbling feline. I found many a wise and witty word at the Tranquil Townhouse. xo

  3. Darling I am so sorry about Buffy!
    I lost my beloved cat 'Bella Busk Bullivant' to cancer in September last year. Huge loss.
    I hope Buffy will have a peaceful end - she will surely be purring in knowledge that she had a good life and a great mama.

    Congratulations on all the rest! I am so happy for you and look forward to seeing this next phase of your life enfold.

    Big hugs from the top of the world

  4. Oh Kerry, I can't even talk about the Bufster as I already have tears in my eyes. You know how I feel.
    I am so happy you are happy and have found something you love to do. I am a bit the same with photography. I will never understand photoshop nor have the patience to fiddle the hell out of every shot on the computer (so not interested) but I get caught all the time by an eye rolling Lyndon taking photos of odd things. It does bring me joy. I am so looking forward to your new blog and can't wait to go along on your amazing holiday!
    Give Buffy a cuddle from me xx

  5. I know this is the right thing for you because your photographs are stunning! Great idea to focus on the things that you love.

    See you on Instagram and Facebook!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  6. I am sorry about Buffy I have a strange fondness for her even though I don't particularly care for cats. Your blog was one of the first I connected with and you were always such a warm and supportive blogger. I shall be a little sad to see it go. I dont spend much time in bogland nowadays but wish you all the best for your new ventures,
    See you on IG and Facebook if I manage to work that one out.
    Deb x

  7. Well Kerry, I too am sorry that this is goodbye to the Tranquil Townhouse, but I am happy that you are happy, and I'm looking forward to all that the next adventures and new blog will bring. I'll be joining you on that trip vicariously as usual. And as big a hug as she will allow to Buffy! xx

  8. Good luck with your new venture Kerry. I will pop over to your new blog. I must say I have been enjoying your photos on Facebook. Especially the ones of your trip. So happy that you wake up happy!

  9. Kerry so lovely to hear from you again and to catch up, I am so pleased that it is not a case of good bye just see you in a different place and what a promising place it looks too. I am following a similar path myself.
    Popping over now to your new locations.

  10. all my very best to you on your new venture, kerry! donna

  11. what a moving goodbye sure know how to write from the heart. I will definately follow your photography blog. All the best my dear, and i'm so happy to hear that you are feeling happy again.

  12. All the best Kerry, judging by your beautiful photo's you are on the right track to a wonderful future ahead, thanks for taking us along I'm sure all us will check in often.


  13. Oh Kerry,
    I am so sad to see The Tranquil Townhouse come to an end ....... I loved your blog, it was one of my favourites ..... I think that you were one of the first blogs that I followed nearly four years ago. Can you not be pursuaded to keep it going ....sorry, that's selfish !!!!
    I am so pleased to hear that you are in a happy place but sad to hear about your parents and poor old Buffy. I love Buffy so please give her ears a rub, if she'll let you, from me.
    All the best Kerry ( slight lump in the throat when I wrote that !! ) and I will get over to the new blogs and check them out. Facebook isn't a great love of mine but, I will try to do better on that one.
    Lots of love and keep in touch now and again. XXXX

  14. Aw, shoot. I'm so glad your path has shown itself, but I'll miss your take.

    Wishing you every success!!

    If the Lamp Shade Fits

  15. You will be missed but I am so happy about your new focus and endeavors. And I am so very sorry about kitty's diagnosis, I know she has been through thick and thin with you.

    All the best, Kerry!


  16. Looking forward to your next chapter. Cx

  17. Kerry, thank you for many wonderful reads and laughs. May your future endeavors return rich rewards in every aspect.

    Your web site looks great - it would be lovely to see some last photos of the ever faithful Buffy included for the sake of commemorating your lives together. Enjoy whatever lies ahead.

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  20. I'll miss seeing you here Kerry. Take care of yourself, and please, give the vampire slayer a cuddle for me xx

  21. I was a bit sniffly as I was reading this mate, but then I got to the couple of ripper spam comments & started laughing very hard, I guess they've gotta be good for something. As this is your last post I won't hold back - they are such whankers!!!!

    Love the direction you are going, see you over at Facebook. Vale Tranquil Townhouse & a big cuddle for the Vampire Slayer.
    Millie xx

  22. I wish you all the best in the future ! I hope you find what you want.
    I'm sorry to hear about your swwetheart-cat. Cuddle her from me !


  23. what a lovely post Kerry. I am sorry about your cat, that is very sad. I will continue to follow you on IG and your other blog. xoxox

  24. I am sorry that your parent’s health is declining. I hope that you start to feel well and that your depression regresses a little bit. I hope that all of your new plans start going well. You will be missed.

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