Friday, January 14, 2011

mopping up...tears and a bit of silliness

All I've been able to do over the last three days is sit glued to the tv watching the flood coverage...weeping along with a mountain of Queenslanders, who are indeed a mob to be proud of...
...and knitting dishcloths! 
I kid you not. Don't laugh...they're very absorbent. Perhaps I should send them to Queensland :) And no, I don't knit them with calligraphy brushes!
There's going to be an awful lot of Chux needed to mop up this lot isn't there?
Wish I was closer so that I could help in some practical, hands on way. 
I have lived in Brisbane three times in my life due to Army postings and it's the city where my kids were born, so I have a very soft spot for it.
Just quietly, I'm a bit chuffed with the dishcloth pattern. I dreamed it up all by myself after much trial and error. There was a lovely black one too but I gave it to Richard.
There are many photos of the floods in The Australian newspaper's galleries page. The photos of Grantham are particularly heartbreaking. It's never too late to donate to the Premier's here...the clean up bill will be just that...billions. And all extremities crossed for Goondiwindi which is holding its collective breath at the moment.

p.s. I used to knit them like this...double cotton so they are very thick...but perhaps too thick to dry out quickly enough for dishwashing and mopping up......they'll probably end up joined together as a rug for the vampire slayer!


  1. Your compassion and thoughtfulness are much appreciated Kerry and congratulations on what look like THE most stylish dishcloths ever!

    I wonder if you could sew two 'originals' together to make a nifty dusting mitt?

    x Felicity

  2. Hello. I'm venturing into the wasteland today. We were very lucky and have been untouched, which I feel terrible about.

    Those dishcloths wouldn't stand a chance in the clean-up that's ahead.

    The flood makes me think that a simple life with few possessions and polished concrete floors may be the way to go.

  3. I think you better go get a patent pending on that knitting pattern Kerry because they look fabulous and I think they'd do a great job of cleaning up toddler breakfast spills :)
    They could be called 'Kerry's Kleaning Kloths' hehehehe!

  4. This could be the first knitting pattern I could do! As my family starts preparing for their houses to flood in Victoria, maybe I should get my needles out too. Feel so useless.

  5. Kerry they look fab. I love the colours and of course the pattern. You are right about the chux, and I guess a whole lot of disinfectant wouldn't go astray either. I am a bit of a Glen 20 girl myself. I'm with Janette, Patent pending and all that jazz. Deb

  6. It is hard not to be able to do anything to help when your country struggles. Thos poor poor people.

  7. The dishcloths are great, Kerry, and I could use one to dab my eyes now after seeing these pictures and a video on another blog.

    Take care of yourself.


  8. The photos are unbelievable! Our papers have been comparing the flooded area to that of British Columbis so it gives us some perspective of the sheer vastness of the disaster. It is all so very sad. BTW, if you have too many dishcloths (great pattern), they actually make wonderful facecloths for exfoliating the skin and removing makeup. Mary

    PS Have been reading all the blogs to see what is happening. They are a better source of news.

  9. all of the flood coverage certainly brings back memories of my beloved nashville last spring, when we had devastating floods. we are still heart goes out to those suffering great losses...and sadly,i fear time will tell of the issues with mold.........yuck.

    cute wash cloths.

  10. Those awful floods just seem more devestating everytime I see some new vision.

    I love your dishcloths. They look like they'd make lovely soft facewashes as well.

  11. Poor Queensland... but, you're right, those marvellous Queenslanders are going to be okay in the end!

    Love your dishcloths. I can't imagine knitting a dishcloth, but then, I can't really imagine knitting anything these days!! x

  12. And nothing at all grandma about knitted cloths... oh dammit, it was out and on the page before I could stop... and I promised myself I was never going to be rude about them again... honestly I did. A x

  13. Those dishcloth numbers keep growing, there must be something to that??? Love the colours and pattern too ;-)

  14. The cloths look lovely and soft. Great colors, especially the double cotton ones. And thanks for sharing the relief link. Breaks my heart that I can't be much of help either.

  15. Ah, Kerry. After a horrible week, your handiwork has made me smile. Thanks, my friend. J x

  16. Oh my favourite dishcloths! I remember my Grandmother's and it was just like yours Kerry except it didn't come in those fabulous colours!!!!
    My Grandkid's school went under and my son was down there before to move as much as they could and today to see if they could start on the cleanup
    Unfortunately I started work today so can't keep up with the news but I dropped my donation of at the bank.
    Wish I had kept it a bit longer to go shopping with Kerri and Tina!!!!!!

  17. Such a soothing, wonderful thing to be doing.

    There is art in those dishcloths.

    I love them.

  18. i've spent the last two nights glued to the tv coverage and crying. such incredible stuff isnt it. thankfull that people i know of in QLD have been spared.

    have just sent some support qld's way myself, just wish it was ten times as much!

    have a great weekend darl xxx

  19. I'm loving those dishcloths more and more Kerry - but the idea of a face cloth is very appealing too ... and stitched together into something bigger, though not for a cat - horrors! :o) Just promise you won't do the crotcheted border/handle on a tea towel.

  20. Kerry...every Australian I have ever met has been a pillar of strength. I believe these Brisbaners are going to show the world how to roll up your sleeves and get to work...taking full control of their lives and recovery!
    p.s. your cloths are amazing...would love the pattern should you decided to share!

  21. The flood images are heartbreaking! Everyone affected by the flood are all in my prayers. I too am a knitter and I've been knitting dishclothes lately too! What brand of yarn do you use? I'm currently using the cheap cotton yarn, but it's way to thick for my liking. Are you on Ravelry? If so, we should be friends! I'm "Satkins" on ravelry!

  22. Hello Lovely!
    Yes, it's heartbreaking what is happening, I just can't believe what an awesome force Mother nature is, she is truly unstoppable, my Mum says that we are just visitors on this planet and she is so right, sending much love to the people of Australia as the healing begins


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