Thursday, July 29, 2010

top 10 pictures from the week ~ 29.7.10 (and an ugly one)

Guess what? I only collected ten pictures this week, not the normal gazillion. Have been a bit busy, sorry. So a very easy task to put this post together. But due to popular demand, when you get to the end you will see the ugliest of ugliest sights...can you contain your excitement and anticipation bloggy peeps?? 
It wouldn't be a week without pink now would it?
and I love this little the full story here..
maxine brandy via desire to inspire
I would really like to curl up here with a book or have a chat to the portraits...that middle one wouldn't put up with much nonsense by the look of her...
isn't this a beautiful collection...
and see....I can do white!
 via desire to inspire
...but not for too long :)
And now, but only because Sarah asked for a picture like the one of the study I posted midst clean-up (which she apparently found highly amusing!!) and Jenny who thought I was being a big girl's blouse by not showing is a picture of the mayhem that was, until around 5 o'clock courtyard, or a corner of it. The pile has now been dealt with you'll be pleased to know, but there's still a long way to go before we have a blogworthy courtyard photo I'm afraid... 
Why do I start these things?? I'm clearly barking mad...well not really (the talking to the portraits comment was a joke, you know that right?). Right.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

courtyard gardens

My courtyard is a bit of a wreck at the moment. A bit like Baghdad on a bad day. On the weekend, late on Sunday afternoon actually (therein the first mistake), I decided that it would be a good time to rip out the honeysuckle vine that was choking the star jasmine. Not a particularly good idea bloggy peeps. It is one of those jobs that having started, you wish you hadn't; but having gone as far as you have, you know there's no going back!  You know what I mean don't you? I wish Edith would loan me J for a short while...tearing him away from his gladioli planting might be a good thing! This must be a very old picture...look at the TV...and the courtyard's a classic too.
I won't torment you with pictures of the mayhem that is the tranquil townhouse's outdoor living space at the moment...but I have plans! Oh yes, plans aplenty...
you knew there'd be pink didn't you...
and a bit of purple as well...
I have white wisteria planted in pots at the pergola posts...I'm hoping they'll look like this one day...but without the death defying pond in the middle of the path! Can you imagine after one too many cold refreshing chardonnays!!

maples and boston essentials in Canberra
mondo grass is probably so last decade...but I still love it...
I had star jasmine growing in that diamond shape in my last townhouse...
more a balcony than a courtyard I know...but I like it...a lot...especially the trees and the bright yellow vase that perks up the ghost chairs...just what was needed I think!

I suspect I'll be finishing off with the honeysuckle on my day off tomorrow...after the chandelier fairy and I have helped a friend move house that is. Yes, sainthood awaits us both!
all images from here

Monday, July 26, 2010

my weekend project ~ framed jewellery

A quick and easy project this weekend...but you should see the looooong list of others on my radar. Oh my, I need a month of Sundays!!
Sometimes we have beautiful pieces of jewellery that we don't, or can't wear. In my case, these (a bracelet and a necklace) were stuck in a drawer for different reasons and I wanted to do something with them.
This bracelet is kind of a family 'heirloom'...I remember this as a child and I'm not sure how I managed to end up with it, but I do know I've had it in my possession for a long time.
It's been in the 'treasures drawer' for know the one...alas, far too small to fit around my wrist. 
It's made of Australian threepences spanning the WW2 years, so it has some significance because of my view anyway. I phoned my mother to ask where it came from but unfortunately she doesn't even remember it. I find that a bit sad. So I called my older sister who lives in Perth and she certainly recalls it. It seems we were both enthralled by it when we were young. She thinks it was given to our mother by our grandfather, who had it given to him by a mate. But as neither of our grandparents are still alive, and mum doesn't recall, that's a bit of conjecture. Still, in sits well with the dim dark recesses of my childhood memory, so perhaps it's right.
And this fabulous choker was given to me by my wonderful friend Chris (who shall now be known, for forever and a day, as the chandelier fairy). Alas, I loaned it to someone who didn't value it as I did and so the chain that was attached to it got broken and it can no longer be worn...but I think it looks rather lovely framed as well. Like something from an archaeological dig!
For the moment they're living in my bedroom and the study. But once I've painted the bedroom (now that the plastering is done...hooray!) they'll find a place on the gallery wall that I'm planning there. So a very quick and easy project...two pieces of jewellery, two box frames, two pieces of fabric...and voila!
Thanks so much for all the very lovely comments last week about my beautiful daughter. And all the others, especially, the ones that made me laugh out loud (these were invariably about the knitted dishcloth...oh you're such a funny lot!!). And Jules you cheeky monkey...Sibella so would knit one if she could...I'm sure of that :))
Have a wonderful week everyone.
all images by me

Friday, July 23, 2010

soul food friday ~ from a daughter to her mum

It was my birthday a few weeks ago. I'm big on birthdays. Much more so than other celebrations. The first born posted these to me...
does anyone else have trouble making the bed since they started blogging?
Gifts from Jess have a special meaning for me for a number of reasons. They signify how well she knows me. How much she 'gets' me. How generous and thoughtful she is in the gift giving stakes. I like to think she gets that from me! 
I bet Sibella knits dishcloths!
But it's much more than's about a relationship between a mother and a daughter that is everything I had hoped it would be. It hasn't been all smooth sailing...what relationship is? But it's wonderful now. Close. 
A very different relationship to the one I have with my own mother I'm sad to say, even though I know the love is there.
There has been a lot written about mothers and daughters and I have heard it described as life's most profound bond. I am inclined to agree. If not that, then I think it is certainly the most complex of relationships. Because what daughter (and I of course speak as one) doesn't want her mother's love, support, admiration and respect? In a way that is different from wanting that from others.
Which is not to belittle or relegate the mother-son relationship...because I have one of those as's just a different one, but that's for another post.
I read somewhere the other day a description of the mother-daughter relationship that likens it to being on a rollercoaster - the big, scary kind that you're able to see from the next town over and whose passengers can be heard shrieking from miles away! 
I kind of like that: a little bit scary, exciting, fun, exhilarating...and the screaming comes from joy not anger...
I came across the speech I gave at the first born's 21st the other day, in which I offer sage advice...of course! And where I state publicly how beautiful, brave, smart and funny she is...because I never said that enough when she was growing up. The fact that I didn't have that said to me was no excuse. But the reality is, the most precious gifts that Jess has given me are these: she's taught me a great deal about being a mother, a woman, a parent, and a daughter. I think it's meant to be the other way around, but she is one wise young woman and I pay attention. Beautiful inside and out.
So thank you for these wonderful 'totally me'...and yes, extremely blogworthy gifts my darling girl! 
now that Jeeves is in the house I hope he irons the teatowels and makes the bed!
And thank you especially for the gift of your love, and your friendship. And for sending me texts that say you miss me! I'm very lucky to have you (and your brother of course...but this is about daughters!)
all images from we heart it; except pictures of the gifts which I took, and the last which I nicked from Jess's facebook profile (see, she even lets me be a FB friend...I must have done something right!)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

top 10 pictures from the week ~ 22.7.10 (and a surprise visit)

It appears the dishcloth jury is still out. I'm not sure if I'm going to be put away for having OCD (I'm pretty sure I don't!) or overwhelmed with orders!! One thing is for certain...there should be no breath holding while waiting around for me to knit a heap of them!
So it's on to this week's top ten according to 'OCD me'...can you tell that I'm pouting about that comment...honestly..what were you two thinking!?! Now where are the knitting needles, where are the knitting needles, where are the knitting needles :) 
One thing is clear...I'm not into minimalism...
Oh...and guess what? In bold because I don't want you to miss this bit of excitement...

...apart from the fact I'm clearly obsessed with pink...eek...maybe it IS OCD!
I'm going to Brisbane today for work...and when that's done...I'm meeting Kerri with an 'i' from cannot believe how excited I am...
Now...where was I? OCD indeed...
by anci at the lighthouse
by Mary at Little Red House
Could that be pink again?

Red, not pink...
And here's some lovely turquoise to finish off...
See you 'ron bloggy peeps...I'll be sure to say hi to Kerri for you. She'll be able to recognise me. I'll be wearing a pink skirt...I kid you not!! :)

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