Wednesday, April 25, 2012

laughter, linen and princesses...

I can’t begin to imagine a life without friends, and I count myself lucky to have some very good ones around me.  And I still...even after over two years, continue to be amazed by the friendship that blogging brings. I just spent a fabulous weekend in the truly wonderful company of one of those people...Jules from One Pink Chair. She wrote about it here.
If I dared to forget it, I was reminded in no uncertain way that laughter really is the best medicine. 
Jules made me laugh. I made her laugh too. We did a great deal of it...mostly at my expense I think about it! 
Jules set me up in the 'princess bedroom'. Princess? Me? No way! 
And I slept on monogrammed linen...isn't it beautiful.
Jules fed me. 
I got her drunk. 
Fair exchange.
Jules taught me how to play words with friends...not very well as you can see by this...
I didn't beat her but I WILL one day. She may look sweet, but she shows no mercy when it comes to games...not a bit :)
Jules took me out for coffee with her fabulous friends and I could have sat there all morning. 
Hmm, perhaps I did.
 (I haven't quite worked out how to get the photos off my new camera, so this generic coffee shot I took will have to do for the moment!)
Breaking news...I worked it out...sort of. I still have no clue where they go on my laptop...but one step at a time hey?
Jules introduced me to four legged friends - not the feline variety. 
I sneaked Winnie food under the table when the mistress wasn't looking. 
Pooches are ok it seems, but don't tell the vampire slayer I said that.
It's such a wonderful thing to get away for a bit, out of your own space, away from the familiar. The time went very quickly, although the road trip home seemed to take forever. Not that it mattered. I was feeling good. Thank you lovely lady for such a soul enriching 48 hours. And thank you Souki for tolerating me. 
Now that one really is a princess!!
all images: a tranquil townhouse using the iPhone

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

how instagram is helping me cope with depression...

Well there's a blog post heading I never thought I'd write!
This is just a short post...dipping my feet in to see how it feels. But first I want to say thank you so very, very much to the people who've been in touch with email, on FB, by phone, are so generous and I appreciate your kindness. I'm sorry that I haven't been back in contact...I'm not quite ready yet to respond in the way your kindness deserves, but one day for sure...I will be :)
So....instagram? I've been doing Fat Mum Slim's April photo-a-day. It's given me something simple to concentrate on each and every day, and something to look forward to...although some days have been harder than others. Case in point; Day 14: how you feel today...
There were many other words I could have used but this felt the most appropriate, and one that was at least publishable!
I've always loved images and I'm enjoying taking more of my's a smattering. I was in Sydney last week for a meeting and when it had finished I took myself off for a wander in The Domain...this sculpture is a tribute to Speakers Corner...
Day 16: flowers...
Day 13: something you found...memories of happy days on beaches or walks...
Day 5:tiny...a silver buddha on a from friends...
Day 9: younger you...much younger!
So there you go. I've also signed up for a 6 week photography course starting this month...that should be a bit of fun!
all images: tranquiltownhouse on instagram
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