Wednesday, April 25, 2012

laughter, linen and princesses...

I can’t begin to imagine a life without friends, and I count myself lucky to have some very good ones around me.  And I still...even after over two years, continue to be amazed by the friendship that blogging brings. I just spent a fabulous weekend in the truly wonderful company of one of those people...Jules from One Pink Chair. She wrote about it here.
If I dared to forget it, I was reminded in no uncertain way that laughter really is the best medicine. 
Jules made me laugh. I made her laugh too. We did a great deal of it...mostly at my expense I think about it! 
Jules set me up in the 'princess bedroom'. Princess? Me? No way! 
And I slept on monogrammed linen...isn't it beautiful.
Jules fed me. 
I got her drunk. 
Fair exchange.
Jules taught me how to play words with friends...not very well as you can see by this...
I didn't beat her but I WILL one day. She may look sweet, but she shows no mercy when it comes to games...not a bit :)
Jules took me out for coffee with her fabulous friends and I could have sat there all morning. 
Hmm, perhaps I did.
 (I haven't quite worked out how to get the photos off my new camera, so this generic coffee shot I took will have to do for the moment!)
Breaking news...I worked it out...sort of. I still have no clue where they go on my laptop...but one step at a time hey?
Jules introduced me to four legged friends - not the feline variety. 
I sneaked Winnie food under the table when the mistress wasn't looking. 
Pooches are ok it seems, but don't tell the vampire slayer I said that.
It's such a wonderful thing to get away for a bit, out of your own space, away from the familiar. The time went very quickly, although the road trip home seemed to take forever. Not that it mattered. I was feeling good. Thank you lovely lady for such a soul enriching 48 hours. And thank you Souki for tolerating me. 
Now that one really is a princess!!
all images: a tranquil townhouse using the iPhone


  1. wow, what a fabulous weekend you two must have had!! so glad you had a good time darl xxx

  2. Looks like just the perfect weekend with the perfect people. That princess bedroom gave me palpitations - and oh, that monogramed linen! Looks like you're getting just what you need at the moment my lovely x

  3. Well obviously Souki was the star of the weekend!!!!!!
    Oh Kerry you did make me laugh (and not at your expense all the time!!!!!)
    ......Do not press send......!!!!!
    I have not had that much to drink since I was 20 and who knew I could get soooo tiddly on 5 small glasses of wine over 8 hours!!!! No wonder I don't drink.
    It was a magic weekend and I came out the other side stronger for your friendship so thank you my pet for your company and your lovely words we will have to do it again soon. xxx

  4. ...and I just checked!
    You are beating me soundly in both WWF games!!!

    1. I'm sure that won't last long :))

    2. ...and you beat me!!!!!!
      I think I will have to take my bat and ball and go home now!!!!!!

  5. I thought I heard Jules yelling 'Danger danger Will Robinson!' as she chugga lugged that 9th glass of wine! She needs to review selling The House I reckon & set up a Rest & Restore Retreat. That girl has magical healing powers.
    Millie xx

  6. Hello Kerry:
    You cannot imagine what joy this post has brought to us this morning. First, because you are, once more, back on the 'air waves', where your absence is always noted and regretted, and from which you are sorely missed, and, secondly, that you are, with a little help from such a good friend, and friends, clearly feeling so much better. We are so happy for you.

  7. That peeling machine is just the sort of silly gadget I like.

  8. Kerry...So glad you were able to visit Jules! Sounds like the perfect visit..loved the part about being treated like a Princess. :) xx

  9. It sounds like it was the perfect weekend and just what you needed. I love friends like this, that make you laugh!


  10. You're sounding happier, even if it's just a little window opening. Jules seems like a wonderful friend. Keep her forever. I wondered whose Afghan that was on the chair!

  11. Princesses should always have their apples peeled for them like this. So glad to really feel a smile coming through loud and clear in this post Kerry. Friends and laughter are definitely the best medicine and I'm so glad the horizon feels a little brighter. xx

    On another note I'm heading away myself for a couple of weeks. I managed to persuade Brunnel that he needed me to come to India with him. So here I am at the airport and off we go! See you soon my friend. Take care xx

  12. How fantastic! I'm so very happy that you and Jules spent a couple of days together laughing. Laughter and a good friend can cure all :)

  13. Yay for blogging connections and all the riches they derive.

    Lovely to read about this fabulous time spent together I can almost hear the laughter.

    Happy weekend!

  14. Looks like you had a wonderful and relaxing time - hope you are feeling better. You always brighten my day and thank you for your lovely likes and comments on Instagram. Thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way xxxxx

  15. Oh Kerry, I'm *so* delighted you two gorgeous girls spent some precious time together, just when you both probably felt like some company and a good laugh. Smiling in Hobart. J x

  16. So nice to hear that you are laughing again.


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