Saturday, February 26, 2011

Psssst...I'm over here today

Charlotta, who writes the beautiful blog Space for Inspiration is having a bit of a blogging break...
which she's clearly in need of, because she was mad enough to ask me to do a guest post for her.
Head on over and find out what I think about autumn...if you're remotely interested. Here's a taste of what you'll, taste...get it? Ok yes, I hear you...clearly I need a rest :)
And if you're not interested in my thoroughly well thought through views on that particular season (and why ever not!!) head on over anyway and tell Charlotta to hurry back...I miss her :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

soul food friday ~ switching off

I don't know about you, but I've had a really exhausting week. It's been mentally, physically and emotionally draining.
Work is intellectually demanding (which is how I like it) but oh, it takes it out of you.
I'm not getting enough sleep...unlike the slayer there. Blogging is partly to blame of course (I hate to miss out on anything!), and I'm trying to do more reading...of the book variety, and then there's that new iPad to play with.
I've had some difficult things to deal with emotionally...from more than one quarter. Peeps, you're on notice. Line up and take a number next time please! I'm only going to have emotional upsets on a minimum monthly basis from now on. Actually I think that should be maximum shouldn't it?  See, too tired to think straight :)
I don't want you to's no huge deal. But I do think, as I've thought for a long time...that I should learn how to meditate. Do you meditate? Does it work? How do you do it? Where should I start? 
And most importantly. Do you think it's hard to meditate when you've got a wet bum?? :)
all images from we heart it

Thursday, February 24, 2011

on my doorstep...bison ceramics

Isn't it always the way...
the things that are close to home you seem to forget about; instead you go in search of treasures a bit further afield.
Bison Ceramics...a case in point.
This home of incredibly beautiful ceramics is about a ten minute drive from my place. But have I been there in oh, let's say the last six years? No, I have not.
I do have a couple of Bison pieces bought years ago when they were operating out of a tiny little studio in Queanbeyan. Obviously when I was going through a neutral phase!
Now. Now they're all over the place! And so they should be! As well as Canberra, there are stores in Melbourne and Sydney. And guess what? You can shop on line too. Go here for all the deets.

And on a very different note, last year I used to do 'my creative space' posts on a Thursday. I'll get back to them when I have something to show you. I've had to go back to full time work for a while, and it seems like all I've done when I'm home is watch natural disasters unfold on my tv screen. Disaster after disaster. That's how it feels anyway. Give it a rest mother nature. Thinking of you Christchurch.
all bison australia photos from their website, except the ones at my place of course

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

top ten pictures from the week ~ 22 Feb 11

Hi are you all?
I am still a little weary...
after all the excitement of the work magical mystery tour last week...
'twas a lot of fun...
but the work was certainly still there come Monday...
back in the office...
and not in old Sydney town...
but in funny old Canberra...
nation's capital and all that.
Still, I did manage to nip out at lunchtime yesterday...
and make a small latest toy
...bought because I'm heading off to that place shown right to  my new iPad.

I know :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

the art of mixing work and pleasure...

Those of you who pay attention to the detail will know that I'm part owner of a HR company here in Canberra. I don't write about work much because I like to keep things separate. Plus a lot of my work colleagues read this blog and I therefore always have to keep it nice...which as we know with not always possible :)
But, sometimes I get so proud of who we are and the way we roll that I have to share.
On Friday we took the company on a bit of a magical mystery tour. We started off on a bus at 6.15 (at least it wasn't a Monday) to go to Bowral to do a bit of planning. And we did...I have the good old butcher's paper to prove it!
Then, back on the bus and we were on our way to the big smoke for a bit of a surprise (mind you, it was the worst kept secret in company history, but we managed to keep it from a few). 
And the surprise was going to see Jersey Boys...the musical about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. 
It was an absolute blast...especially of the 'from the past' kind. Although not quite old enough to remember the early songs, I definitely remember the 70s stuff. In fact, some of it takes me back to particular places in time really easily...

...that boat trip party on the Brisbane River in 1977 especially! A boy called Justin. But that's a whole other story ;)
So, it was really nice for the owners of the company (there are four of us) to do something for our very hard working staff. They enjoyed it. We enjoyed being able to make it happen. And it just goes to show that work can be a bit of ok when all the stars are aligned :)
And I also got to make a brief trip to Newtown on Saturday morning to see the first born's new digs (v. nice) and a saunter up King's Road. Where most of the shops I wanted to go into weren't open until 11 a.m., which alas was the time the bus was heading home. Still, I did manage to buy a new cushion...where there's a will and all that :)
And here's one of my favourite old time songs to finish off with...Frankie Valli's first solo's just beautiful. And if everyone's not happy at work on this Monday, I give up!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

across the style

I really like New Zealand. And New Zealanders. Even with their funny accents. How anyone can confuse a Kiwi accent with an Aussie one though, I'll never know...but it of life's little mysteries.
Mind you, it's been a VERY long time since I've been to NZ. I was 13 and on a Girl Guide camp. That's so long ago it probably qualifies as ancient history. And the guide leaders were an item...who knew! Certainly not me.
And probably not my mother or I wouldn't have been allowed to go. But it was my first experience of overseas travel and I was hooked.
I vividly remember that we handed over $3 each week to the Guide leaders and each deposit was recorded in a dinky little notebook. My mother covered mine in some groovy orange patterned contact. I loved that thing. It took just over a year to  save up enough money. If only $3 a week would get us overseas these days!!
Anyway, now my magazine addiction lets me get my NZ fix simply, easily and a little more cheaply...although if I stopped buying magazines I could probably nip over the Tasman within the next 3 months on the money I'd save!!
These are some fabulous pics from the NZ House and Garden website, because I just can't bear to rip up the real thing quite yet. 
Is it possible to marry a space...
And then...while doing my meticulous research for this post :)...I stumbled across this site...more wasted entirely productive decor research hours in cyberspace coming up!
So there you go...aren't they clever possums? I mean Kiwis.
Of course, I don't like them all that much when the All Blacks beat us. Which is frequently. I'm talking about Rugby Union for the uninitiated...
Maybe I'll move to New Zealand. 
Or at least visit again sometime soon :) 
After I've been to Washington and New York next month (oops, that could be considered gloating couldn't it?) Oh well, as the first born would say...soz about it :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

top ten pictures from the week ~ 15.2.11

Thank you so much for all the lovely blog birthday messages...
the blog and I were ever so chuffed...
To say the vampire slayer is a bit put out is an understatement!
We went to a lovely dinner party on Saturday night...that would be Richard and me, not the blog and me...that would be just plain's far too young to be allowed out that late!
the food was delish...
goat cheese and fig jam tarts...
pork wrapped in prosciutto on a bed of apple, fennel and something else that I've forgotten...
cherry soup with vanilla icecream...
...and wines to match. We were spoiled.
No offence, but it was slim picture picking this week for me...there hasn't been all that much colour! I think everyone was focused on valentine's day...but yay, here's some...
Did you do the valentine's day thing?
We didn't. 
My valentines was spent working hard and collecting these here pictures for you lot...
so, happy valentine's day plus one :)
Oh...and well done Geoffrey Rush...and you too Colin x
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