Tuesday, February 1, 2011

top ten pictures from the week ~ 1.2.11

Morning! Or afternoon, or evening...or whenever it is wherever you are :)
I had a bit of trouble this week...
...finding my lovely pictures.
Am I getting too fussy I wonder? Have I seen too much loveliness?
Is the visual overload causing me to be overly discriminating; rejecting what I wouldn't have before?
Is the moon aligned with the stars?
Or am I just not looking in all the right places?
via a room for everyone
Is it all becoming a bit same old, same old to me...or to you perhaps?
Are we jaded so soon and (the blog and I that is) are not even a year old...
...although that's coming up very soon :)
But no...on reflection, I think not. The ones that made it are pretty darn fine lot really...
and one more for good measure...hope you enjoy...


  1. I think you need to refresh your spirits with a different sense Kerry - maybe have a smelling the roses fest, or listen to a whole opera, alone, aloud. Pay attention to texture under your hands and give vision a chance to refresh.

    My favorite: poetry - so easy to Google.

  2. Kerry, I don't think you are getting too fussy. I've often thought of how difficult it must be for all of you bloggers to find unique pictures all the time. There have been blogs I've read and thought, I just saw these pictures somewhere else. However, I think your selection is usually pretty eclectic and interesting and as a result isn't the same old, same old. Just don't know where you all find the time! Mary

  3. There can never be too much loveliness in one lifetime Kerry.

  4. Don't sweat it. I reckon it's just the return to work overload kicking in! I enjoyed them thankyou. I hope you are staying indoors today, I read the forecast for Canberra was 38. Deb

  5. Is your blog really less than a year old??? Seems like I have 'known' you for soooo much longer than that! Just LOVE the bedroom in your pics :)

  6. Ooh Kerry, thank you for giving me those happy yellow stairs and the rosy red room for sleeping in!

    Felicity x

  7. I'm with Felicity, if you can find those happy yellow stairs, there are still new gorgeous decors to discover & show us. Love Posie

  8. I think your picture selection is wonderful, Kerry! I love the bedrooms and that last kitchen! Very nice.

    It is afternoon here, by the way. We are expecting the biggest blizzard in Chicago since 1967. I am really excited {I love drama}. Stay tuned.


  9. Those photos are all fine by me ... lots of nicely made beds ... they're always a novelty.

    You've just returned to work ... that's got to dampen the spirits a bit.

  10. hmmm nuh. Cant get jaded with this kind of awesomeness, that last image is amazing! and the one from mandy @ !6 House made me squeal - a bit preoccupied by chapel chairs atm : )


  11. Nah, no way. You have an enviable knack of finding fabulousness week in, week out. I'm quite in awe of your gift, actually. Keep on doing what you do best - sharing your finds with all of us :) K xx

  12. It's wonderful, lovely and fantastic rooms you're showing us ! I think that we sometimes just get tired of it (like me right now). The energy will come back !!


  13. They all look wonderful to me! The stair are such fun! xoxo

  14. I always look forward to your top 10 pics Kerri!
    Hope your week is going well.

  15. You're doing fine. I love, love, love the yellow stairs. So fresh and innovative. xx

  16. Absolutely amazing! Every single one is fabulous. I am loving the kitchen in For the love of a house!



  17. The stairs Kerry, the stairs!!! I'm in love... thanks for sharing xx

    Wicker & Stitch

  18. Hello my friend and sorry for the extended absence. I am lulling around in a Summery haze and find it so hard to collect myself..

    How are you down there in the nation's capital?
    Sydney is hot (!!) this week which of course is ironic given school started on Monday.. The poor loves were like 'limp wrenched socks' when I picked them up yesterday afternoon..

    Sending prayers to the poor Queenslanders (haven't they just had enough..!?!) and hope that you don't have family or loved ones in the Yasi zone.


    xx Charlotta

  19. The bar setup on the shelf in the big built in bookcase is a fantastic idea!


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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