Thursday, February 24, 2011

on my doorstep...bison ceramics

Isn't it always the way...
the things that are close to home you seem to forget about; instead you go in search of treasures a bit further afield.
Bison Ceramics...a case in point.
This home of incredibly beautiful ceramics is about a ten minute drive from my place. But have I been there in oh, let's say the last six years? No, I have not.
I do have a couple of Bison pieces bought years ago when they were operating out of a tiny little studio in Queanbeyan. Obviously when I was going through a neutral phase!
Now. Now they're all over the place! And so they should be! As well as Canberra, there are stores in Melbourne and Sydney. And guess what? You can shop on line too. Go here for all the deets.

And on a very different note, last year I used to do 'my creative space' posts on a Thursday. I'll get back to them when I have something to show you. I've had to go back to full time work for a while, and it seems like all I've done when I'm home is watch natural disasters unfold on my tv screen. Disaster after disaster. That's how it feels anyway. Give it a rest mother nature. Thinking of you Christchurch.
all bison australia photos from their website, except the ones at my place of course


  1. It's really lovely work. I was looking at some mini milk jars at a store in Hobart. When I went back to get one they were all gone!
    Yes, those poor Cantabrians, my heart breaks for them. X

  2. 'Bison Ceramics'? Is that like a Bull in a china shop?

  3. I didn't realise they were originally from Canberra. They are lovely pieces you have Kerry. And yes, I feel the way you do re disaster after is too sad for words. x

  4. Beautiful pieces, Kerry. I love all the bright colors.

    I am almost ready to quit reading Yahoo News. This latest disaster saddens me to no end. I say a lot of prayers these days.


  5. Beautiful ceramics with such earthy but rich colours. So nice to discover treasures that emanate from a spot close to home!


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