Wednesday, February 9, 2011

top ten pictures from the week ~ 9.2.11

Terribly, terribly sorry that the top ten is a day late...
I had to go to book club on monday night when I normally do this...
and I ran out of time to write the post...
because we were so engrossed in discussing our last (extremely tedious) read...oh, for at least five minutes or so...we're serious book clubbers we are!!
and then there was the drinking of white wine...
and the scoffing of spinach and feta pastry thingies... much for my carb detox!
but despite the fact that I sometimes grumble about it, I really do love putting these posts together...
they get me all inspired...
and I have to tell you there's not much of that around here at the mo (inspiration I mean) ...
no projects going on...even the dishcloth knitting has stopped...hard to fathom I know :)
no DIY'ing...
no painting...of canvases or walls...
via living etc (there's those chairs Jules)
no gardening...
no nothing in fact. I think these sloth like tendencies have taken over momentarily...clearly I need to give myself a talking to!! But in the meantime I'll just continue looking for pictures to drool over :)


  1. Golly gosh, that first image is stunning!
    I can't believe you haven't got something going on - there must at least be a lot of holiday, ahem, I mean work trip planning. That's very exciting.
    I'm not up to much either but have plans to maybe do some sewing soon. You know things are bad when I'm hanging out to do some DIY!
    Hope the rest of the week is good for you Kerry x

  2. You picked some lovely pictures this week! Too many favorites to mention.

    I have never been in a book club before but I understand that they are wildly popular for socializing! I could use that right now...I feel like a shut in with all of this snow!!

    Have a good week, Kerry!


  3. Oh Kerry,
    It's not's just having a bit of Kerry time. You work so hard that a bit of 'doing what you want' is perfectly justified. I have lots of Jackie time and I don't feel guilty at all !! haha
    .... and, I think that these are your best top ten pictures yet.....I LOVE them all.
    ...... and, many, many, thanks for your lovely comment and birthday wishes.....they made my birthday even more special....and, I'm still celebrating !! XXXX

  4. The lovely pictures and your commentary make a charming juxtaposition!

  5. Loving that first image with the large artwork.

  6. love all the images!!! must be a sloth time of year, as i am feeling it too.......

  7. ohhh how lovely are they all...missed your top 10 pictures of the week , have a great Wednesday lovely xx

  8. Oh Kerry..I always love your top amazing is the first one especially..a sure quick pick me up should you wake up on the wrong side of the it! Hope you are well lovely x Did you hear about the bloggers picnic this Sunday? x

  9. Nothing going on????!! You're turning into me... it's quite nice isn't it... being all talk and no action....

  10. I'm thinking that this is one of the nicest top tens, and personally I'm pleased its a day late. Between my internet slowness at home, and the fact that this work computer seems to know that I am doing something I shouldn't (ie blog reading)and keeps blocking any blogger IP address, I need to let you know that I've been trying to comment on your slothfulness for 2 days now - and I'm not seeing anything that seems remotely naughty or slothful!!

  11. See, this is why I don't buy Interiors Magazines anymore ... I just wait for my weekly fix from you.

    I just need one of those portable computer thingammies so I can carry it around the house and rearrange things as per Kerry's Top Ten.

  12. Thankyou for the lovely images. I wish I could teleport one of these tables (image one or the white long one) to my place. Desperately seeking an indoor dining table, longish and skinnyish.

  13. A day late!! Anybody would think you had other things on your plate, like say An international trip to one of the most amazing places in the whole world. Tsk Tsk Ms Kerry.
    Love the rocks, I thought we were the only people who collected heart shaped rocks.

  14. That first image is just gorgeous. And Kerry, I can't believe you feel guilty for having a rather nice weekend. The stuff you "need" to do will get done eventually...xx

  15. The yellow dining room chairs are fun! Perfect pop of color :-)

  16. yay - the chairs!!

    hope you hadve a lovely peaceful weekend darl xx


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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