Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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I really like New Zealand. And New Zealanders. Even with their funny accents. How anyone can confuse a Kiwi accent with an Aussie one though, I'll never know...but it of life's little mysteries.
Mind you, it's been a VERY long time since I've been to NZ. I was 13 and on a Girl Guide camp. That's so long ago it probably qualifies as ancient history. And the guide leaders were an item...who knew! Certainly not me.
And probably not my mother or I wouldn't have been allowed to go. But it was my first experience of overseas travel and I was hooked.
I vividly remember that we handed over $3 each week to the Guide leaders and each deposit was recorded in a dinky little notebook. My mother covered mine in some groovy orange patterned contact. I loved that thing. It took just over a year to  save up enough money. If only $3 a week would get us overseas these days!!
Anyway, now my magazine addiction lets me get my NZ fix simply, easily and a little more cheaply...although if I stopped buying magazines I could probably nip over the Tasman within the next 3 months on the money I'd save!!
These are some fabulous pics from the NZ House and Garden website, because I just can't bear to rip up the real thing quite yet. 
Is it possible to marry a space...
And then...while doing my meticulous research for this post :)...I stumbled across this site...more wasted entirely productive decor research hours in cyberspace coming up!
So there you go...aren't they clever possums? I mean Kiwis.
Of course, I don't like them all that much when the All Blacks beat us. Which is frequently. I'm talking about Rugby Union for the uninitiated...
Maybe I'll move to New Zealand. 
Or at least visit again sometime soon :) 
After I've been to Washington and New York next month (oops, that could be considered gloating couldn't it?) Oh well, as the first born would say...soz about it :)


  1. Is there a pill for homesickness 'cause I'm dying here! Thanks for this great post Kerry. Think I'll ring my mum and have a chat (gotta keep my Kiwi accent. My kids are already sounding like Aussies - yikes ;o))

  2. Now you've done it - gone and added another website to lure me away for hours at a time! Of course, I'm secretly loving having a new crush :)
    And yes, mentioning your trip is definitely gloating, but if it were me, I'd be doing the exact same thing, so gloat away! K x

  3. I think it is a similar confusion with Canadian and American accents, from outsiders. People get confused with South Amfrica nad Australian too.....

    Lovely photos.

  4. I really want to go to NZ, I feel like the last person in the world who hasn't been there! I think we'll go skiing there when the little one gets bigger.
    I LOVE that kitchen with the mismatched chairs, beautiful pics and yes Kerry, it's very unfair that you gloat about your upcoming travel :) Just joking, just jealous!

  5. Oh My...just divine..what a stunning part of the world to visit..ever since Lord of the Rings..Ive always wanted to go
    LOVE the artwork in these images too Kerry...very different. x

  6. Being married to an Aussie, I can tell the difference between the accents...but it took awhile. ;)
    I love the happy collection of things in that first shot!

  7. I'd love to visit New Zealand, but first Australia! ;-D

    And soon I hope you will be coming to Chicago. I will give you a tour!


  8. Actually Kerry here we call it Noo Zillund. Choice. Sweet. I barely notice the accint (deliberate not a typo - that's how they say it) but people often bag me about mine. Julia Gillard is getting a pasting for hers which makes me laugh - remember Helen Clark?? So racist these Keewees...

    Come visit - I'll show you round, but make it quick... we might move soon or I'll get thrown out for rudeness...

  9. Oh AND no one I've met talks quite like Annabel Langbein - I think that's a south island posh kiwi affectation - she can cook though!

    1. Very late to the party here. I'm a kiwi living in Aus last 13 years, and I must say Annabel's accent is one of the worst kiwi accents I've ever heard. 'South Island posh' hilarious. It sounds like she's got a head cold, plus a lisp. I love her cooking but find her extremely hard to listen to... There are soo many different accents in NZ, but Annabels is one of the worst in my opinion.

  10. I love New Zealand - it's choice, bro :)
    What a great lounge with that stunning artwork and fireplace! And that adorable kitchen - will have to keep it for future inspiration.
    Kiwi's are a grand bunch, the birds themselves are so cute too!

  11. I have only been there once and I can't wait to go back! It really is a wonderful place and they make THE best Sauvignon Blanc in the world!

    Best wishes always,

  12. I like that first New Zealand photo best.

    New Zealanders aren't too bad. They make good movies too. I'd love to visit and run into a Hobbit.

  13. NZ is gorgeous. I toured the Nth & Sth Island a few years ago and was astounded at how picture postcard perfect the landscapes were; everywhere! These are some gorgeous images, lovely food for thought here!

  14. I want the painting with the stairs. How cool is that.

  15. well i love that awesome dog portrait in the 4th pic, i see nothing else:) Have an even awesomer time in Washington and New York...and i will be smiling(o yes, not pouting) thinking about you two shopping your socks off in New York!! heh heh.have a ball.

  16. I love those images Kerry thanks for sharing! And thanks for your latest comment appreciate it! Letitia xx

  17. Nice story (well, I had to like this post, being a kiwi and all!) and love that house - especially the painting with the stairs.

  18. Whenever I've been overseas, whether in Europe, the USA, the UK or Asia, I have had people mistake my Adelaide accent for a Kiwi one. Weird!

  19. Amazing how we can so easily be transported anywhere in the world by the click of a button or the turning of a page...

  20. What do you mean - funny accent? That's you guys! And yes you could just pop over. It isn't very far. We even have an airport you can land at. And I'll show you round, put you up, what ever!! It would be so much fun.

  21. love the images.

    I love hearing a Kiwi accent when I am abroad just as much as I love hearing an Aussie one.

    I do hope you will visit the Smithsonian in Washington and look at the 1st Ladies Inaugural frocks for me x

  22. hehe, soz about it.

    love that image with the different coloured dining chairs, so lovely.

    hope you've had a great weekend darl xx

  23. Noah came home from day care recently telling me "I'm not a Kiwi, I'm an Aussie!" I took it very well, considering :)

    Great post, and so humbling to have so much help from our Aussie friends in Christchurch this week.

    Great images, I haven't been to visit H&G for ages!

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