Tuesday, July 13, 2010

books...the unread piles of them

When I saw this I knew I had to post it...
If you haven't seen this site before, you must go and have a look. Leah Dieterich posts a thank you note a day, on anything and everything. They are a delight. Really. Do yourself a very big favour if you haven't already. And I do believe there may be a book in the offing for her as well. Hope she gets to read that one!
I wish I'd written that little note to myself because it's just how I feel about these...not that I'm a slow reader...I'm just not giving myself the time these days...

And there are more...this is just the neat pile! And this one came home with me today...an apple for the teacher...oh groan, I'm lame sometimes!

And then...on the same day that I found the thank you note post, this post from homelove, the blog of stylist majestic, Megan Morton...pointing me in the direction of this tumblr site...bookshelf porn...oh yes it is! Not in the least bit sleazy though I assure you...

And if that wasn't enough on the book front, Ann at My Villa Life has this great idea on her site for keeping herself on track with her book reading...a list on the sidebar of what she's just read, what she's reading now and what she intends to read. She said I could steal it...so I have, because it's an awesome idea. Here's hers...

If you haven't visited Ann's blog please do. She's a great writer and tells really good stories about her new(ish) life living in Auckland...her third country in four years. Impressive!
Are you like me? Has your reading gone waaaaay downhill since you started blogging? I love books and I need to make more time for them. Get my reading mojo back. How about you?


  1. I used to read 2~3 books per week {I don't have a job} and since I started blogging, I can't remember the last book I read. Sad but true. Even more sad, I keep buying them. Magazines as a quick read don't help and I have a half dozen subscriptions. Woe to me.

    Great post. I will visit your links!


  2. Very funny note!
    I'm bad... I just know that I'll never get to finish a book these days so I don't even pick them up. Mags only for me, sad I know but I figure I'll have more book reading years ahead of me when life gets a bit less bubba&business focused :)
    Thanks for sharing the love re Ann's blog, she's great isn't she!

  3. From someone who could literally knock a book over in a day, yesterday I found one I forgot I even bought. And now, it takes me at least a week to read a new decorator mag - unheard of in the past. I blame the blogosphere - but I can't complain, I love it! Great post, and so glad you put the spotlight on Ann, I love her blog, it's one of my must-reads. K xx

  4. I love that note! I needed that today! haha Hope your having a great day :)


  5. Yes, my reading has gone down due to blogging. I used to read before bed every night but I've been so slack lately...and the book I'm reading is great(Bella Tuscany).
    I'm off to check out the note blog :)

  6. Kerry - I'm all warm and fuzzy and frankly a little overcome. Such nice things to say... and funnily enough I had just finished my own book post this morning (the one I started last week - I often do that and come back to them). We're in sync! I hope more people start reading lists too - what a lovely resource to have a quick and instant book review from like-minded people.

    I love Leah's notes too... so clever.

    Thanks again - you've made my day. Ann x

  7. Ack! you've made me feel bad....I haven't read an entire book in awhile. No time these days. I will definitely check out Ann's blog. You've made me want to pick up that book I've started, and restarted, many times.

  8. Kerry I have just picked up the Wedding Day from the library (I need light and fluffy right now!) It is lovely to have two beautiful places to find new titles. Reading still beats blogging for me but only just!

  9. Do you know...I hadn't realised I'd stopped reading until you did this post. Blogging...or rather the reading of so many other peoples' blogs...has taken over from reading books. I used to get through so many books, around 3 a week, but I can't even remember the last book I read. I need to rectify this soon I think.

  10. I have a brand new unopened copy of The Time traveller's Wife, sitting next to my bed. I thought I would get to read it over the uni break...but it just hasn;t happened yet! So it will be back to reading textbooks for me. Hope you get to read some of yours soon Kerry:) ~ Tina xx

  11. Hi Kerry, can't say that I have read a good book in a long time.... Life does get hectic! And then there is blogging which for me has taken over the dull television of an evening. Blogging is so much more interesting!

  12. Hi there, me old mate Kerry !!
    I'm back and trying to get back on track with blogging and commenting.
    Well, it seems that life has so much to offer nowadays that reading often takes a back seat. I have a pile of books that I want to read but there never seems to be much time for it. I used to read so many books on holiday but even that has changed as we seem to have very busy holidays now. I am going to make a conserted effert to make time for reading and try and get that pile of books down. I will definitely be checking out the blogs that you have recommended.
    Hope all's well with you....lots of love. XXXX

  13. I haven't read a novel in years, mostly because once I start I can't stop, a bit like blogging!!

  14. I went out and bought myself a book for Christmas; I'm still only 2 chapters in. Tragic. I'm so pressed for time now, sometimes I don't even have time to read all the stories in my decor mags. On the up side, I get to read fresh things the next time I pick it up. But blogging is definitely time-consuming.

    Thanks for the link to Ann's blog - it's great, really looking forward to reading more.

    Have a great week, Kerry. Hopefully you get some time to snuggle up somewhere toasty with one of those books!

  15. Hi Kerrie, it's very hard to keep update with my readings too....now I'm sleeping very little because of very hot nights I'm enjoining reading. I like the idea of keep a track of books, you have a very interesting list...

    Enjoy your reading!!
    xx Zaira

  16. Currently, I too have a backlog of books for the first time in years. It started late last fall when I stocked up at the only bookstore near me that sells books in English, and then received another for Xmas, and then five in the post for my birthday!! No more new books for me!

  17. I just cleaned out and arranged a messy book case. Most books I hate to admit I haven't read. I kept wondering why do I need all these? They take up a lot of space! Is it so important to build a library, or should you just keep the few that really meant something to you? I'm not sure...

  18. I love the thank you woman's blog! I think it's so fun. I read books (well, manuscripts) for a living so blogs are quick and fun way for me to unwind.

  19. Hi Kerry! I love books! I read each night before going to sleep. Also I buy a lot of books and go often to the local public library!


  20. I just bought that grammar in a Hamburgian book shop !!! - to better my English...(after loving Scottish for a whole month in Edinburg). We have so many books - but I don't let them give me stress...(Only when I write for Goodreads, which I just started) Beside "classicals" I read a lot of crime stories - and am glad to have purchased Craig Russell's "The Long Glasgow Kiss" - really funny! See you! Britta

  21. Hi Kerry what a fabulous post, I will definitely be checking Ann's blog. I also have a pile of lovely books just waiting to be read but isn't it comforting just knowing they are there!

  22. Oh, exact same thing here. I used to read constatly and now all I do is write, read blogs, comment on blogs...

    The writing is good, I'm so glad I'm back to that, but I do miss the reading. There just aren't the hours in a day!

  23. "My Grammar and I" -- sounds like a book for me...


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