Tuesday, May 24, 2011

top ten pictures from the week ~ 24 May 11

In an extraordinarily rare and totally unexpected feat of organisation...
I actually wrote this post last Thursday!
I'd collected ten lovely pics...even got the scanner to work for that one above...
So I asked myself a question...
which I do a lot now that I'm living alone
...the vampire slayer not being an overly good conversationalist. Except when she's hungry and then she makes herself perfectly clear...
I asked myself...do I need to go on collecting, since I've already reached the required number?
And the answer was no Kez...you don't.
You're cutting back on screen time remember...
so write the bloody post and walk away from the computer.
So I did...well, for a bit anyway :)
And seeing the vampire slayer has been mentioned...here's her latest portrait :) Damn cat won't stay off my bed now that the 23 year old has moved out!
Notice the paw curled and ready to strike. She's a pretty colour though. I will concede that:)
images this week were found on: my design chic; vogue living;  wish you were here; design manifest; livet hemma;  muse interiors; my sweet prints; style files; the design files; atelier abigail ahern; tranquil townhouse


  1. Love that painting with the apples!

    The Vampire Slayer looks like she's wearing a locket. Precious thing!

  2. The first image is just too adorable, as are those white dining chairs. Thanks for the inspiration this morning.

    Pam x

  3. Such a wise little kitty :)

    Best wishes Kerry...

    Jeanne xx

  4. That's Buffy's very bling nametag that Rachael from A Room for Everyone kindly sent her after she couldn't stand seeing the red plastic tag she used to have any longer. I should have put the wrong phone number on it :)) Joking!

  5. Oh I just adore that kitchen! It's stunning!

  6. I love that kitchen!! Would be lovely to have a gorgeous skylight like that.

  7. The first one is very romantic and I love the clarity of the apples one. Nice collection Kerry.

  8. Perhaps it is the look of genuine and utter devotion that you're missing because you only see the curled paw? Why else is she on your bed all the time?
    As for the organized and very beautiful images this week, the first one had me instantly - the beautiful flowers and that lovely stack of old books. xx

  9. The chinoiserie (no 2) is magnificent. My grateful regards to your scanner for that one!

    The Vampire Slayer knows the black brings out her eyes..! They are cluey about these things our feline friends.. My cat Bella Busk Bullivant (yep!) is crisp white (not a grey hair in sight..!) and always manages to sit in Sphinx style post in a ray of light. She knows.. :)

    Happy Wednesday dear.

    xx Charlotta

  10. LOVE the pics with the books - so pretty!


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