Thursday, August 25, 2011

top ten pictures from the week ~ 25 august 11

It's ludicrous...
[seen on small space style]
here it is...Thursday, again
[seen on luxe + lillies]
and I haven't posted anything since this time last week
[by janis nicolay pinecone camp]
how did that happen I hear you ask
[seen on the bottom of the ironing basket]'s like this
[seen on my favorite and my best]
I've been away
[seen on the diversion project]
in Ballarat to be precise
[seen on my first little place]
[seen on this pretty space]
it was should go
[seen on abigail ahern]
I'll try to be better with the whole posting frequency thing next week
[adore home seen on decorology]
provided I get my creative writing assignment in on time that is. What's that? I haven't told you about my course. Maybe next week :)


  1. Lots of exciting things happening in your world Kerry. I look forward to hearing more about it.
    I'm loving these pics, especially those gorgeous bathroom floor tiles, the Fenton and Fenton bedroom (love the artwork on the wall) and that pretty kitchen. Have a lovely day Kerry :)

  2. Nice pics as always, Kerry. Loving the bathroom and the library/living room with floor to ceiling windows. Can't wait to hear more about your course .... !

  3. As always I love every single one of your selections Kerry! How cool is that blue colour on the wall of the second last one - I don't think I'd be that brave but looks amazing!

  4. I just can't keep up with you! Do tell about this new course...sounds great. And great top 10 as always...will be stealing some of those for sure. K xx

  5. Ooooh...I love that last kitchen!!

    Let's hear about that course!!


  6. You are such a tease, and yes I certainly did notice that you hadn't posted anything since last week - only because I missed your posts. Life is like that, busy. So, I'll look forward to next week's installment when I'm sure all will be revealed! xx

  7. Do it when you can ! Don't feel stressed about it :)

    I just love one of the photos this week !!!


  8. I love the blue and yellow tiles in that bathroom! Gorgeous collection as always Kerry x

  9. Oh my. That bathroom! .... perfection :-))))

  10. Hello! How's my fave Australian writer? Hope well. xx

    I fell hard for no 4. Windows like that make me drool!

    Big hugs

    xx C

  11. I am loving that wall art in the first pic! Have a nice weekend Kerry. ;-)

  12. Gorgeous collection. I wish my study looked like that first pic, very funky.

  13. Always worth waiting for Kerry. Um, is that Stalin?? Inspiration?? Um, what??
    Gorgeous choices of rooms, much inspiration here, love Posie

  14. Have assumed you were off having a brilliant time, glad to hear you actually were!! xxx


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