Wednesday, September 21, 2011

top ten pictures from the week ~ 21 September 2011

You would think wouldn't you...
that because it's been two weeks since my last top ten...
I'd have lots of pics to share with you.
But, nope....'fraid not :(
Because the reason I haven't posted for two weeks...
is that I've been busy, busy
and have had to drastically reduce the old blog stalking time.
Sorry about that...
but I made it...
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  1. Hello Kerry:
    We very much hope that 'busy, busy' has been both enjoyable and, in this very commercial world, profitable too!!

    For us walls lined with books are an all time favourite, as are simply books.

  2. Life is hectic at times and this is meant to be a fun thing so no pressure. I love that first image, so bright and cheerful. Have a great week Kerry. ;-)

  3. Lots of books in these piccys - I like that a lot.
    I hope your 'busy' is fun busy :)

  4. The first bedroom in the bright sunny yellows really made me smile, and then the bedroom with all the books surrounding the bed, well that made me smile, too. I have a feeling I need a good book and a nap! Thanks for sharing the images in spite of being busy!


  5. You had me at 'yellow'.

    xx Felicity

  6. I love that outdoor area with three hanging lanterns and colourful cushions! Gorgeous images Kerry x

  7. That's .... O.K. .... Kerry. Real life .... must come first ... no need .... to be .... sorry !!!! XXXX

  8. The yellow looks so good. Everything about these rooms look cozy!! OMG I want that blue velvet couch! Yummy! That room looks incredible!

  9. I know exactly what you mean...thanks for sharing these beautiful pics
    Claudia xo

  10. I love that outdoor area with all those colourful cushions and the bed surrounded by the bookshelves!! Hope you've been enjoying what's been keeping you so busy :)

  11. Such nice pictures! A good house needs lots of books :-) I really like your blog, just discoverd it. greets from Holland

  12. Oh, the books, the books! Loving them, Kerry. And yes, I hope it has been *fun* busy. J x

  13. I love all your pics...they all have old and new pieces that go so beautifully together!!

  14. The bed in front of the wall of shelves is brilliant. I want to sleep there. And after I'd like to curl up on that blue velvety couch and have my morning coffee in that breakfast nook with the pink chairs :-)


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