Tuesday, April 6, 2010

easters before blogging began

I've been blogging for precisely 53 days. That's not very long and I'm not complaining....but...see this pile of books...my pile of books waiting to be read...
...in Easters gone by, that pile would have been toast...metaphorically speaking of course. I would have read at least two...possibly three of that lot in the time it took to demolish a chocolate egg or thirty-three. That's my daughter at her 21st birthday party in case you were wondering...isn't she beautiful:)
If you read yesterday's post you'll know that this fabulous book got a good work-out over the weekend...
But seriously...as much as I love design books...and I bought another three from the 2nd hand bookstore as well as this brand spanking newbie and there are a couple more on order from the Book Depository...I really miss reading fiction. I have to find a way to balance my love of that, with the satisfaction I get from writing this blog and my complete obsession genuine curiosity with seeing what you lot are up to. Has anyone solved this problem...and if so...can you please help? Will I get some equilibrium when I'm not so new at this? Please tell me it settles down! Now I have to head off to work and earn some money so I can continue buying books. Have a great (short) week bloggy and non-bloggy peeps. I will be. Maybe I'll even have a read one night!


  1. Dear Kerry, As just a slightly more experienced blogger than you [ I began 3 months ago today] I cannot really offer you any assurance that it all gets easier or that you will have more time to read novels. Indeed, sadly, you may find that the opposite is the case since the blogosphere seems to expand infinitely,there are more and more weblogs with topics of interest and amusement and when one blogger sleeps another awakes. It is truly a 24 hour 365 days a year experience.

    Do you need much sleep?

  2. Oh Kerry, I hear you. This whole blogging thing is all consuming. I have to shut myself off from time to time... grind things to a bloggy halt. As time goes by and more lovely people come into my life, I am finding it very difficult to keep in touch with all of them. I have been blogging for over 2 years now and back then it was oh so different. It is expanding exponentially... A-M xx

  3. Hi Kerry,
    I've just found your lovely blog, looking forward to reading more.
    I started blogging in December, I love it! Yes I am slightly addicted and am constantly amazed at the ever so talented and like minded women I 'meet'. Enjoy :)

  4. HI Kerry, I am feeling much better now. I too am finding the whole bloggy world very compulsive. But, it is so much fun and maybe I am saving a little money on home magazines because of all the lovelies I can see by visiting the blogs.

  5. Well Kerry, thanks for that post. So my books are not the only ones collecting dust then. Phew! I am (was) an avid reader and scrapbooker, and now I have transitioned into being addicted to blogging and reading blogs. At least I'm not alone. I am learning to create a balance, but it is not easy! I have a hard time pulling myself from my laptop. Yes, guilty as charged.

  6. Kerry,
    I confess I actually switched cell phones so that I could get a "smart phone" so I could check my blog and comment on others when I am not at home!? I was hoping, like you, that it settles down, but I don't think so. I'm starting to think I need to set some parameters because it is totally consuming my life!

  7. I've been blogging for a year and I still haven't managed it! I gave up trying to comment on every blog I read and have to just comment on the ones I happen to read when I have time to comment (like right now, when I should be doing work and not clock-watching!). I am also just as bad at replying to comments left on my own blog! I try to do most of my reading on Google Reader now, that way I see almost everything and can just comment on the ones that really catch my eye. Apart from that I just live with chronic sleep deprivation as staying up late to read is the ony way I get reading books in at all.

    Good luck finding the balance, let me know the secret once you've figured it out!

  8. I totally hear you - I have been obsessed by blogging lately and really have to force myself to have a day off in order to have a bit of normal life or go to bed early for a comfy read. I'm not sure what the answer is, but let me know when you find out! :)

  9. I understand the overwhelming feeling that blogging sometimes brings - especially when my Google Reader inbox has 1000+ items - I have certain times during the day I allow myself some blog browsing time and I stick to these. I tend to read more at night before bed. Good luck with that pile of books - Love Languages is a great book x

  10. Hi Kerry
    I can totally relate! Now I found a balance : I blog in my coffee and lunch break and a little more just after dinner ..Then I hide my pc and read until after midnight! Turns out I don't really need 8 hours sleep! ..mm.. said like that it seems harder than working 9to5!
    But it's so much fun!
    xo Flaviana

  11. Hi Kerry, I totally understand the reading thing since I have started blogging I still have three unfinished books, which pre blogging was unheard of for me, I think I must try to find a balance between blogging and other things, maybe put a time limit on it. Blogging is such great fun though and so addictive.

  12. I think eventually (not that i have that much experience behind me!!) you find a happy equilibrium, and things settle out.

    I have a few places that i must visit everyday (for the benefit of my sanity!) and then if i have spare time on weekends i go surfing round getting inspiration. but i've learned to accept i just can't cover all the territory i'd like.

    the rest of the time i try very hard to step away from the screen. After long days in front of a screen, i try and stay awaywhen i get home. - and thanks for that lovely note last night, you're too sweet!

    ~yep, and that book is fabulous!!

  13. Oh I can so totally relate to this as a new blogger! I have spent far too much time on-line and I have a stack of books as well as a stack of magazines just begging for some attention. I think in time, I'll figure out a schedule that works :) Marija

  14. I can't believe that it has been 53 days! It doesn't seem that long - time flies when reading! I check it out every day!

  15. Haha, no! Your Blog is way too popular with all your gorgeous pics, you will forever be replying to comments! Haha!


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