Wednesday, June 16, 2010

getting the hooks out ~ the crochet variety

It has been a very long time since I've had anything remotely resembling a crochet hook in my hot little hand...but it's winter and since this time last year I've started to read blogs...and they get you thinking that you can tackle anything....hmmm, right! So here's a granny square I did just to see if I actually could...yep, I can!
It's quite possible that little basket of wool will stay there for a while, work being as busy as it is and me not being capable of crafting and watching MasterChef simultaneously...
And please don't hold your breath for a finished product either. See that otto-person there (we don't call them ottomans here!) friend Chris and I built it from scratch oh...several years ago now and it's still waiting for it's rope trim!  Do you like the painting? The 22 year old did it for his final exam at the end of school. I'm rather fond of it and he keeps asking for it back...aah, nope! [sorry about the photos...night time, crappy's on the list]. And as for that wall colour...the painter will be here soon I hope!
Anyway, in the meantime you might want to see the work of some clever crafty people who do finish things...this vest is by the very smart and funny Leonie (and I think her mother-in-law?) at Raglan Guld...go and say hi and get the instructions while you're there!
And yes I know that's knitting, not crocheting...I can do both...well at least I think I still can!
And this next one...I know for sure that's crocheted...
This is by Kirsty at kootoyoo...also an amazing source of inspiration for the wannabe crafter. There's a pattern for that here as well...
And as for that amazing woman Tina from Rubies Place...who is sitting a big exam today (I'm sure you'll blitz it Tina...lots of good vibes coming from here, there and everywhere I'm sure)...but in her spare time (and how she gets any amazes me)...she does stuff like these really cute nesting bowls...
You can find her post on that here...
I must confess to a small liking for a granny square or three...I think the last time I made one of those (apart from the one in the top picture) was to crochet a blanket for my doll's cot...ooooh now we're going back!!

last two images via table tonic
These sit-upons are nice...and might not take too long to'd probably need knitting needles as big as baseball bats though...

I love this granny square sampler...very boho
This may be a little ambitious though...what do you think?
via design*byproxy (and the knitted sit-upon thingies as well)


  1. Great images Kerry! I love the sit upons, they look really good! I got my knitting needles out on Saturday night, tried to get started, couldn't work it out after 5 minutes and put it all away again! Next time Nan visits I will have to get lessons, again. xx

  2. The photo of the yarn and needles inspired me to go hunting for my knitting gear. One day I hope to find it! I tagged you over at my blog - come have a look

  3. Kerry~~~~

    You really make me laugh! ;-D I think you should keep up with the granny squares...a boho quilt would be nice. Love the pretty vest with the pin and I think your son's painting is awesome.

    Have a wonderful week!


  4. Hi Kerry,
    Well, crochet always reminds me of my Grandmother. She was a dab hand at it. She made the most beautiful things, and many of them.She used to teach my sister and I and our cousins. My sister is very good at it and knitting....I obviously didn't pick it up as well because I'm not very good at it !!
    Am loving the examples that you have shown. Some people are so clever. XXXX

  5. Great pictures Kerry. Reminds me of my childhood doing the crochet squares etc.. I love the picture your son did, very talented!

  6. Great images - granny squares so remind me of my nan. She taugt me how to crochet but I can't remember how to now :(
    I love the rug over the bag of the couch with its diferent sized squares. It's fab!
    ps your son did a great job of his painting!

  7. I love crochet, it reminds me of my grandmother. And I love the nesting bowls..Rachaelxx

  8. cool idea kerry - i had the idea to make a blanket a few years back. went to S, bought the wool and a hook, came bacj and after watching you tube videa after videa, i gave up! couldnt get the hang of it. i'm sure you'll blaze a crocheting trail though - i'm just craft-challenged!

    love your mirror below too - looks fab!


  9. That bus rocks. I remember seeing a doco on TV a little while ago about an artist in the States who would crochet and knit public spaces and items - like trees, statues, road signs. Her artworks became so valued and sought after that people started pinching them to sell on-line. I tried knitting once though am sorry to say it's not my thing. I would have loved to have had more patience for it though!

  10. i want a granny square blanket! please to be making me one, mother dearest xxxxxxxxxx

  11. ha! I love the bus! I am not a crocheter (is that a word?), but I am an avid knitter! I love how you mentioned that reading blogs makes you think you can tackle anything! It turns me into superwoman!!! and then I crash.

  12. Love the photos! And 'knitting needles the size of baseball bats' put the funniest image in my head ;-)

  13. have put me in some fine company!! I love the cool would that be to travel around aus in!!! x

  14. Hi Kerry: Thanks for visiting my blog which of course enabled me to find yours...the wonders of blogland!

    My sister-in-law showed me how to crochet last year..just squares to be getting on with..Unfortunately I'm dong something wrong because mine are coming out as circles rather than squares. I will have to get some more instructions on my next visit to the UK!

  15. That bus covered in crochet is hilarious. You could do your car :)))

  16. Dear Kerry, Oh dear, this is all becoming very serious on the knitting and crochet fronts, neither of which would I attempt in a million, no two million years. So, I shall pass on to those subjects which are, or could be, within the realms of my experience.

    Take the ottoman. Usually I turn one, or more, of those out each ten days or so - complete with braid [bad person!] - but am a little behind with orders at present. The painting by the 22 year old [what is his profession?] appeals to me enormously. I, alas, am still awaiting a call to exhibit from the National Gallery. And if I were a bus driver, which you may be surprised to know I am not, then I should go all out for the crochet bus. Wonderful!!

  17. I want to see your local Canberra bus crochet'd by the end of the week Kerry! hheehhehee :)
    Great post, it's relaxing just to sit and knit or whatever while watching tv, even if you don't end up finishing it, it's just a nice thing to do I find. Hope you're having a great week.

  18. I wish i could knit but i don't have the patience for it,tried it once and gave up after 30 mins..My mother in-law knits and every year i get a crochet blanket which i love because its so warm for the boys and they are so cosy when you snuggle up watching tv... must say i love that bus crochet very cool but weird at the same time hehehee..have a great week XX

  19. Hi Kerry,
    many greetings from the South of Germany (It`s summer here, but at the moment more rainy than shiny... :)! I really like the images of the granny squares blankets. These blankets always have a colourful old look in new and modern surroundings. Beautiful! And as a crochet-loving woman I must say: It`s a lot of work...but it makes you up for all the hours when you see the result.Happy crocheting.....Beate :)

  20. love the bus, I'm going to do my Hyundi.

  21. Well there Kerry you pipped me to the post. I have been crocheting some string baskets from a pattern Tina sent me. Apart from the callus's on my fingers it has been very rewarding. I will have to post them. I also love that vest. I may have a go at it!

  22. Nothing is beyond your capabilities Kerry - but maybe start with a smaller car before doing the bus. I would like a You Tube tutorial on your crochet granny square please...I do love those boho blankets.

  23. A sampler bus!!! Don't you EVER get rain?

    LOVE the son's painting. Bit of a talent there!


  24. Love the painting...I wouldn't be giving it back either! I wonder if I remember how to crochet...hmmmm!

  25. Great projects you found - love the crocheted ottoman.

  26. You clever cookie! Wish I could crochet. I love those little nesting bowls of Tina's. Looking forward to seeing your creation :)

  27. Madre Mia this is all so fantastic!!
    Where to begin..!?
    First of all I'd like to say that sporting a nice knitting/crochet basket like so in one's living room is always a good idea! Gives the 'right impression' and I say this because I couldn't knit even if under gun point. I could possibly achieve a crochet scarf, but that's all!
    The painting! Wow! Yes hang onto that. There is no way he will get that back! Applauding to his talent, which needless to say comes through from your genes!
    The otto-person.. ha ha.. This man is great and another testament to your crafty talent! Love it all and thank you for this inspiring post.

    Now I am off to look for a bus just like that!! May have to settle for the knitted branch huggers some crafty 'city-knitters' have added to my son's school yard.

    x Charlotta

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