Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a few chuckles...

I'm enjoying my day off and at the moment I don't actually feel like creating anything...although that may change!
So of course I'm glued to the computer...but not for much longer...there's sun in the courtyard...hooray!!

the pacman's coming to get ya... and who wouldn't want to use the least once? Great fun for kids big and small...
and so sorry about this next one...but I couldn't resist
...perhaps it's spring fever!
Update: spoke too soon...sun's disappeared and rain clouds have taken its place...bloody heck!
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  1. Hello,

    I love the slide! That's genius! And the pacman shelving ... Great pictures.

  2. What the? Where do you find this stuff? He, he.
    I can't believe you have sun outside your window lucky thing...I'm still waiting for Spring to, well, spring.

  3. How funny is that last shot! Great pics Kerry and yes where do you find this stuff... Hope the sun comes out again to play... ;-)

  4. Those are brilliant - love the cracker cushion, and I would always use the slide.

  5. Oh I love it - love it all! Want that slide staircase. xox

  6. Should have got out while the sun was shining!Not to worry! Love the shot of the mens' room! Bet they love it too!
    X Briohny.

  7. Hi !
    Many fine ideas, that makes me smile :D


  8. The biscuit pillow is brilliant! And how much fun is the pacman shelf! Would love that for a game room (if I had a game room)

  9. Dear Kerry, As always, something to bring a smile to my face at the start of another day!

  10. wha ha ha, didn't know you went to vist cookie monster in it's residence! x

  11. That last image really cracked me up :) Hope you're enjoying your day off x

  12. I do believe that is an Arnotts nice biscuit in your first image. Very cute!

  13. That slide staircase is surely the Next Big Thing in Housing Design. It's super!

  14. love them, love the toilet one. Sorry about the weather hopefully it will pick up soon. As for the slide, I just think it is fab. Ps thanks so much for the lovely encouraging comments re the trip. very much appreciated and lovely to hear from a familiar blogger.

  15. flipping hilarious. i have to admit to a snort! jxx

  16. Hilarity! Love the cracker pillow. Good enough to eat.
    Yes please to that slide, though my kids would 'surf' down. Come to think of it, so would my husband..

    Loving the toilet wall!

    xx C


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