Wednesday, December 22, 2010

top ten pictures from the week ~22.12.10 (the last for the year)

Wow. I've been doing these posts for quite a few months now...
some weeks it's hard...
some, like this one....super easy!
I started these posts so I didn't have to think much about what to least on one day of the week
they are just a collection of images that take my fancy...
for one reason or another.
But they've become a bit of a townhouse tradition now I think...
...and I like that. Plus the fact that I now know exactly where my inspiration file is!
But you won't find a single Christmassy image...because I'm a tiny bit perverse....
so this next one is the closest you'll get from me, in all its stunning simplicity :)
There'll be one more post tomorrow or Friday before I head off on my road trip to Newcastle to spend Christmas with my parents. 
Then I'll probably take a little break...but who knows? Certainly not me!
So till then...I hope you get some inspiration from these as well.
images, in order of appearance are from: pretty haute mess; a punch of color; an indian summer; bohemian shoebox; desire to inspire; gingerella; belle maison; the decorista (2); chasing satellites; brabourne farm


  1. All beautiful images as usual Kerry! Thank you for your tireless efforts to give us such beautiful eye candy every week :)

  2. you left the best till last LOVE them all..have a very merry Christmas sweetie and hope to see you over at Melli's designs in the new year for more of your lovely visits xxx

  3. I like this tradtition too Kerry. The blue drawers in the 3rd last image are stunning. I dream of these sorts of things

  4. Kerry I wouldn't miss your top ten for anything! They often send me off on roads untraveled which is always exciting.
    Like Sarah I love that 3rd last image.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and don't stay away too long I will miss you love and hugs xoxo J

  5. i do.
    i love these images.

    some of the rooms have so much style and personality!!!

    merry, merry

  6. Have a Happy Christmas, and come back soon.

  7. I love your top 10 .. and the itty bitty words between them. Always a great, odd, inspiring selection. It's like we can see how your mind works.

    Have a fantastic Christmas and drive safe (-:

  8. All amazing inspirational images as always Kerry! Love these posts of yours and I always find something to save into my own inspiration file :)

  9. Yet another classic post, Kerry. The second last is absolutely breath-taking. Thanks for transporting me elsewhere at the end of a long day on Planet Baby. J x

  10. A great way to round of the inspiration for the year Kerry. I always look forward to your regular 'column'each week. xx

  11. Merry Christmas Kerry, have a safe and enjoyable trip.

  12. The red jars against the turquoise/teal are beautifully striking. Happy Christmas!

  13. As usual, lots of colour in the white rooms. I think that if you forgot to have some hot pink in a picture, I would wonder what was up! Have a great Christmas and safe trip! Lots of love from Mark and me! xxxx

  14. Hello - a final little comment before I sign off for the year.
    Just sent you an email, but wanted to say thanks again for your brilliant blog and posts.

    Loving this parade and find something in each picture that appeals.

    Big hugs

    xx C

  15. I'm a sucker for built in bookshelves like those!


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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