Wednesday, January 18, 2012

tassie highlights...things starting with F

By this I mean: friends, food, ferns and falls...let me elaborate...
One of the wonderful things about blogging is you get to 'know' people from all over the place. And if you're lucky, you get to meet them for real J
Such was the case last Wednesday night when I had dinner with Sarah from Molly's Maison and Jane from Life on Planet Baby. Here we are looking surprisingly presentable after a few bottles of wine, lovely Thai food and a great deal of conversation. Jane's car got locked in the carpark we yacked for so long!
And even better, Richard and I were invited to their homes on Saturday that I consider a real privilege. Beautiful pastries made by Jane and India for afternoon tea, and champagne at Sarah's...spoiled rotten we were. I wanted to take photos of their houses but thought that would be stretching the friendship a bit far! Just go to their blogs for that ok?
And then there are furry friends.  I had no hesitation in taking photos of the famous Molly in her natural habitat!  I'm not a dog person at all really, but I've fallen in love with Molly...well honestly, who wouldn't. Just look at her J
The day before this we'd headed off on a bit of a drive and ended up at Russell Falls in the Mt Field National Park. This place was stunning, really serene, and the oldest national park in Tasmania. We didn't have the best weather while we were in Hobart (and yet today it's going to be 36!) so it was quite cool but that didn't matter at all. I'm a bit fascinated by ferns...and moss apparently!
And the food...oh the food! Several kilos later...thanks in part to these delicious things. Without doubt, without a shadow of a doubt in fact, the raspberry danish you can see behind the chocolate thingies was the BEST Danish I have ever tasted.
From this place...
And then there were the oysters! From the Barilla Bay Oyster Farm, a saturday lunch of 30 assorted oysters (for $39...I thought that was really good value) and a wonderful ploughman's lunch that Richard got to before I could take a think he'd know about bloggers and photo opportunities by now wouldn't you! And as an added bonus, a view over the bay and a glass of Tasmanian wine. Bliss.
The produce at the Salamanca Markets on Saturday morning was also brilliant. We were going home the next day so didn't get to sample any of it, but doesn't it look amazing...all those jewel colours?
And just because I can, I'm going to finish off this post with alpacas. They're furry. They're funny. That fits with the theme right J
all images: a tranquil townhouse


  1. That all looks wonderful. I love seeing people have as good a time as this looks - especially, for some reason - women.

  2. Oh Kerry, aren't you a gem? I was so excited to see my furry girl in this post. I know I'm terribly biased but she's hard not to love :)
    Your photos are fantastic, I love the montage style. Those danishes look amazing so I must check the store out. There's somewhere I haven't been. I'm loving these posts Kerry as I'm passionate about Tas. It is interesting how people seem to think nothing ever happens down here. I think we have the perfect lifestyle :)
    I look forward to reading more! X

  3. If I didn't like you so much lovely lady I'd be jealous but as it is, I'm so happy for you to have this glorious holiday.

    Happy day ahead, I hope that the holiday 'glow' lasts well into the new working year.


  4. It looks like such an amazing place to visit. And how nice to meet up with blog friends.

    Shame on Richard for spoiling the lunch photos.

  5. Fantastic, fabulous, frightfully fun... and all things I forgot to mention in my list... I'll need to add to it for the next visitor. A x

  6. I got a bit teary reading about what a fabulous time you had with Jane and Sarah. Aren't they kind to invite you to their houses? How generous. There is a different bond between blog friends, I think. I haven't worked out why or what it is though. What a fantastic time you had. Fav. photo? Molly and those garlics! (Laughed at the alpacas.) Great post!

  7. How great to catch up with those lovely girls Kerry - lucky you! I know you would all have gotten along famously, and if our meetings are anything to go by, I'm not surprised Sarah's car was locked in :) Sounds like you had a ball in Tassie, and no wonder - it looks amazing. K xx

    1. Er, Kerri, it was my car ☺. No wonder when the others had half eaten their meals and I was still on my first mouthful! J x

  8. Sounds like you have a great trip to Tassy Kerry and even better to catch up with lovely blog friends. Love your pictures and glad you had a ball. ;-)

  9. Utterly fabulous - and delicious - and yay for alpacas {love those critters!} x

  10. You have made me hungry Kerry! What a wonderful trip - and heat is over-rated!

  11. It isn't until you have been there that you can appreciate Tasmania for what it is. Without a doubt the most beautiful and interesting state in Australia. I need to return there soon.
    Kerry, like you we went for a weeks holiday nearly 40 years ago and not once during that holiday did we ever dream we would live there! Within 7 years we were back and there we stayed for 14 glorious years. My children still think of it as home!
    So glad your visits with the girls was great and I quite envy you the opportunity, even though I don't do envy!!! Talk to you soon J xxx

  12. Oh I love living here in Tasmania! I am in the north in Launceston though, but Hobart is beautiful too...and both Jane and Sarah are such sweeties. So nice to read you had a lovely time here.
    Ness xx
    Marley & Lockyer

  13. Hello Kerry:
    You look and sound to have been having a wonderful time. As you say, what can be better than good food and wonderful friends to spend time with? Nothing in our view.

    In our gardening days we were very fond of ferns. They are so intricately beautiful and there is a fern for every situation in the garden no matter how hostile the conditions.

  14. Amazing photos, they make me wanT to visit Tasmania :-)

  15. It was such a delight to have you down here, Kerry. I treasured every second of it. J x


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