Wednesday, January 25, 2012

top ten pictures from the week ~ 25 Jan 2012

Well, the holidays are done and dusted
And work’s back with a vengeance
it's crazy busy...the kind of busy I'm not fond of
I went to my first 'boot camp' session with the young 'uns at work yesterday
 I'll probably be regretting that by the time you're reading this
but I desperately need to do some exercise
and try to get this body into some sort of non-potato sack like shape
Another flying (as in driving to the speed limit of course) trip to Newcastle on friday, or maybe thursday
to take mum to the geriatrician on saturday
life's a barrel full of monkeys at the moment!
anyway, enough of are you all going?


  1. Poor you: juggling everything is such a toil, even with such lovely images to look at as you contemplate it. The spherical kitchen light is amazing!

  2. Fabulous top ten Kerry.....just my cup of tea.
    Sorry to hear that your crazy busy is the not so nice busy. Hopefully, things will get on an even keel soon for you.
    Hope all's well with your mum and your getting everything sorted for her. It's hard on you, I know.....I've been there, done that ! Much love. XXXX

  3. Heh Kerry. Sounds like 'blah' with so much on. Good luck with your mum.
    Laughed quietly to myself (kids still asleep) re: the potato sack description (note: laughing with you not at you on that one). Good on you doing the boot camp. Hope the bod feels OK today.

    Have a great week and drive safe (-:

  4. Another crazy busy year Kerri, but already you are posting some lovely pictures. Have a good week. ;-)

  5. Hello Kerry:
    A hit parade of top ten pictures, here. We love the interiors where old and new are combined, it really adds an edge to the decorating scheme in our view.

    We are sorry to read that your days are filled with stress inducing chores and errands and do so hope that the situation with your mother is resolved to some degree of satisfaction.

  6. great how work comes back with a vengeance isnt it?!

    love that white pireplace, that's fab. xxxx

  7. Great pics, the lamp in the kitchen is pretty amazing. You doing boot camp? Wow, that's impressive but I wouldn't have thought you'd need to! I really need to get off my butt and do something. Hmmph.
    Drive safe to Newcastle. I hope it goes well with your mum.

  8. Loving all that's fresh, light and bright in your selection this week Kerry.
    The yellow pops are truly happy-making and I'm wondering why I don't have any in my home when I'm always drawn to them in your pics.

    Hoping that the muscles aren't too sore and the weekend has good news.
    Cheerio, am off to drive the youngest to school umbrella in hand.

  9. Beautiful pictures, thank you! Picture 2 made me want to jump right through my screen & live in that room. The kitchen in picture 5 is inspiring me to bake on this wet wet wet day..

  10. How's your Mum going? Memory improving?
    The picks are all inspiring, but then they always are, you have an unerring eye for the best.
    So pleased you were able to stand upright again!!!!! xxx

  11. Primrose and pink is a great combination, and I always love that cottagey, eclectic look, but I equally love the very stylish pool. Great selection.
    Happy Australia day!
    Penny x

  12. Good golly, those first three pictures literally had me gasp in awe at how lovely they were!! I need you to come and help me decorate our place as you always find pictures that 'sing to me' :) Good luck with your Mum's appointment and with boot camp... Paul is trying to convince me to do one of those!!

  13. Oh Kerry. You're juggling a lot at the moment. I hope the geriatrician is helpful. The last photo is my fave with the cookbooks on open display - something I'd like to have at PB HQ! J x

  14. The holidays are definitely over and it is back to business, you can certainly feel it in the air. Nice to be back to normal in a sense but then I always feel a bit sad that the kids go back to school.

    Hope you're not feeling too sore :(

  15. Love the pop of yellow in that marbled kitchen! Seriously all you need is a punch of color to brighten even the dreariest of gray wintery days...great inspiration!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  16. Busy days, Kerry!

    p/s: I would move into any of these top 10 homes in a heartbeat.

  17. January is always a pain in the petunia to get through, but we're almost through it!
    I would be very happy with that last kitchen by the way x


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