Monday, April 25, 2011

change is is remembering

The first of the changes to my study...I moved the desk 90 degrees so it now comes out from the wall instead of being up against it (nothing likes being 'up against it' I'm sure!)... so this is the view when I'm sitting at my desk...
I like being able to look out through the house and into the courtyard...even with the ugly brown lattice...don't worry, it's on the hit list.  If I slouch I can see out to the hills too! And you can see why there's a permanent furrow in the sofa cushion can't you...the vampire slayer's favourite spot. But how I love my chandeliers...
Next thing...painting the study furniture white.  Three bookcases and a desk...not sure I'm up for that at the moment...but do stay just never know :)
It's Anzac Day today. If change is good, so is remembering. I wrote about it last if you're interested. And also one of my most embarrassing moments (there have been a few) happened one Anzac Day as well. In Papua New Guinea. I can laugh about it now!


  1. I think it is invigorating to have a view from your desk - I always feel like a benevolent spider at the centre of her web, able to keep an eye on everything (though I don't have a vampire slayer...). A Good Move.

  2. I love your tranquil townhouse including its brown lattice. I just read your most embarrassing moment and laughed which is good, because at exactly the same time, my son tipped my coffee all over the dining room table. So I laughed, which softened the agitation.

    I'd like to think anyone running this country had a firm handshake. That's the least quality a PM should possess, surely.

  3. That's a funny story, Kerry. I had to laugh. Thanks for sharing.
    I think the changes in your study are perfect! Can't wait for you to show us the bookcase in white. I would love to see how it looks when it's done. I'm planning to paint my furniture white as well...

  4. They say it is bad feung shwei to have your desk facing a traps your energy and blocks now you will feel like a new woman......

    I do love those chairs at your dining room table...really nice.

  5. I don't know have such a lovely home and view ...I mind find it hard to work ;)) It is perfect...happy writing in your beautiful space xx

    Jeanne x

  6. Dear Kerry - I think that it is a lovely idea to be able to look up from your desk out to the garden and the light. I love the nostalgia of the 'mission brown' of the latticework - I remember many days in the 80s at my parents in Wanniassa painting the fence with that very same colour! I did enjoy your ANZAC story - mine was getting confused during the service and hoisting the flag before the reveille! Lindaxxx


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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