Monday, April 18, 2011

a cyclamen from the farmers market...

I don't often go to the Farmers Market near my house...goodness knows's a two minute drive away on a Sunday morning.
It's probably precisely because it's a sunday morning that I don't!
I did this week you can see. A pretty $4 cyclamen and $2 pots of coriander and baby spinach.
I bought vegetables and a venison, porcini and hazelnut pate too. Eaten before photographed. Sorry about that. And I'm very partial to an ice bucket plant holder. And garden urns used as ice buckets now that I think about it :)
I'm linking this retrospectively (I do hope that's allowed) to Sarah's link party...good life Wednesday. Because what's better than a $4 cyclamen...except of course, a free one!


  1. Porcini and hazelnut pate sounds wonderful. Yum. How nice that you have a farmer's market so close to your home. No such luck in my area.
    Enjoy the week, Kerry!

  2. I feel like buying a cyclamen and putting it in my ice-bucket, Kerry. But that will mean I have to polish the ice bucket it might not happen... You vignette looks great. xx

  3. She lives a creative life and she does it well :)
    I like the way you think Kerry.

    Best wishes for a wonderful week.

    Jeanne xx

  4. I really like farmer's markets and mine is about 5 mins away. I am generally always too lazy to go.
    I love the look of the ice bucket as a potplant holder, that's a great look!

  5. And wheelbarrows are great for beer and wine on ice for an outdoor party although it does help to rinse the dirt out first! Easy clean-up at the end of the party! Have a great week.

  6. Oh yes, I do love a good wander around the vege markets on a Sunday morning.
    And I think you could put that lovely first image into your own Top 10 tomorrow. xx

  7. Love the farmer's market...the cyclamen is perfect!!

  8. Love your vignette! Glad you had a great time at the veggie market. Thanks for adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays! :)


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