Tuesday, April 12, 2011

top ten pictures from the week ~ 12 April 2011

Someone suggested last Tuesday that maybe I should post just one picture each week...to reduce the pressure on me...not because ten was too many (I think!)
I thought about it...
I really did.
Would it be more or less difficult to post just one, I wondered quietly to myself?
There are pros and cons of course...like there are for every decision...
But as I spend all my working life analysing just that...pros and cons, options and alternatives, strengths and weaknesses...and a mountain (at the moment) of other things...
I came to the conclusion that I couldn't spend the brain power required to decide just which ONE picture it should be...
So, I'm just going to continue to go with ten
...give or take :)
After all, nobody could ever accuse me of being a minimalist now could they!
Note: last pic disclaimer...Deb's dog. I'm not a dog person, but I couldn't resist...just because of the kennel makeover mind you, not because she's cute or anything!


  1. ARe you talking about me, or the dog? No the dog wins on the cute factor. I think you will have to crochet Buffy a little rug to make up for the indignity of having a dog grace your blog!

  2. I do love Deb's pic. I think the house makeover was fantastic and Lulu is just so adorable! xx

  3. I usually have a favourite Kerry but this week I'm enchanted with each and every one. Hope you're having a good week! :-)

  4. "Give or take" takes the pressure off Kerry! -so does admiring a really sweet dog of course~

  5. Ha! Yep, the kennel wins the best picture stakes this week. xx

  6. Love 'em as always, but you know my fave is the gorgeous Lulu and her slick new digs. Those Moerks are a clever bunch, aren't they? K xx

  7. I totally agree - can't seem to be able to post just one either. Love your top ten...especially the gorgeous kitchen and who couldn't fall for the precious dog!!

  8. Deb's dog is so cute and I love her 'house'.. Rachaelxx

  9. I actually want to run around screaming I love this post, so much. Thank you.


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