Tuesday, February 14, 2012

free tickets, a blog birthday and that day

Hello thrill seekers! The blog had a birthday yesterday. We celebrated (the blog and I) with a cheeky little sauvignon blanc, being ignored by the vampire slayer (naturally) but nonetheless quietly basking in the knowledge that the past two years have been so much fun; it’s Valentine’s Day today....(not that it means a lot around here) and I have free tickets. There was another significant thing that happened yesterday too but I’ll tell you about that next week J
Now, on to the real point of this post. Do you like Better Homes and Gardens? Me too!
Did you know that the BH&G Live Show is on in Melbourne between 24-26 February? No? You do now.
Would you like to go? 
Or if you don’t live in Melbourne do you know someone who does and would like to go instead of you? On your behalf? A very cheap but terrific birthday present for someone? Get in early for Christmas? A Valentine gift to yourself? Yes? Excellent.
I've been given twenty tickets. Yes, twenty...that's generous isn't it. Just let me know in the comments if you'd like a couple and make sure I can contact you by email and I’ll send you the secret ‘getting in’ code and full instructions to get those tickets in your/their hot little hands.
I’m a bit partial to Fast Ed...his work I mean. How about you...do you have a Better Homes and Gardens  favourite? 
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  1. Happy Valentines lovely lady (and cat).xo

  2. At last!!!!! four attempts and at last I can comment! My problem not yours I think as its happening with everyone!
    What a pity I can't get to Melbourne or have any one who can but I do hope you are going.
    Julienne xxx

  3. A very happy belated birthday to Tranquil Townhouse! Much more meaningful than Valetine's Day ...

  4. Happy birthday. Hope you are feeling brighter. I 'm laid up in bed with flu and a sore back, Catching up on my reading and watching ab fab. Not so bad really. Can't make Melbourne but home some others can enjoy...

  5. Thanks for sharing, I love reading you should post more often...


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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