Tuesday, August 3, 2010

scenes from eat, pray, love...a movie I must see (and a few of my travel pics thrown in)

One of the disadvantages of living in this land down under is having to wait extra months until some (alright then, most) movies appear. Unfortunately this is the case for this...waiting, waiting, waiting until October 7. October...that's ludicrous! I do believe it's very soon for you lot 'over there'. When you see it please tell me you love it. Major jealousy I know...unattractive, but unavoidable.
Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favourite books. In fact I'd say 2nd favourite on my list of all time favourites...and I've read a lot...so that is high praise...even though I am of course, a very long way from being a literary critic! Did I mention I've read it three times? And I keep on having to buy new copies because I loan mine and forget who I've given it to. Elizabeth would love me if she knew me!
And as I've said before I am a huge admirer of Elizabeth Gilbert. Julia Roberts not so much, but hey...I do think she's been well cast in this (at least I'm desperately hoping so).
I'm looking forward to this movie for two reasons. 
1: I loved the book so much and although books are sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) massacred when they appear on the screen, I have high hopes for this one. I am a perennial optimist.
2: I've been to Italy, India and Bali...just like Gilbert, albeit in very different circumstances, so I can't wait to get my fill of the landscapes of these countries once more, even if it's just virtual. 

All very different, but all very beautiful in their own way. 

And as I haven't been able to travel for a little while, this will have to satisfy me for a bit longer.
Alas, I haven't made it to New York...but I will. One day.
It all looks glorious doesn't it?
Here's a couple of collages of photos I took on a trip to India and Nepal in 2007/08...too long ago! But there is nothing like travel to remind us how incredibly privileged we are don't you think...we tend to forget sometimes.
Real people...real places. History, heartache and hope.
all movie stills from here


  1. Lucky you Kerry, these are great photos. Now I am going to have to either read or see this movie. I too am not a huge fan of Julia Roberts but will give it a go based on your recommendations. Time is flying by this year, so it will be here before you know it. I hope it lives up to your expectations.

  2. I have been waiting for this movie since Christmas! Ohh vicarious traveling. I have high hopes for it as well.

    Your pictures from India and Nepal are glorious! I'd love to go there some day.

  3. Really looking forward to seeing this one too Kerry - looks great. Your own pics are fabulous as always too, so thanks for the armchair travel experience! K xx

  4. Your photos are gorgeous Kerry. I saw the trailer for this movie the other day and I'd seen every woman and her dog reading the book a while ago so I'll be keen to see it. I hope it lives up to your expectations. Thanks for sharing your beautiful travel pics! Have a lovely day,

  5. This is a sumptuous post Kerry, thank you for the images [your own and those gathered].
    Like you I have read & re-read Elizabeth's book and have also had to repurchase as it has found its way to many other hands.
    The sister of my 'ex' gave it to me not long after we had gone our separate ways and I will be forever grateful for her thoughtfulness and insight.
    x Felicity

  6. Oh yes, I've heard about the book becoming a movie - I hope it's good as yes, it's often so depressing when they massacre a good book on film.
    I really must read the book :)
    Your pics are just wonderful!

  7. Now I want to see the movie aswell, thanks for some beautiful images and heres to another great day.....

  8. Wow, your photos from India are simply, seriously, stunning Kerry. I've not read Eat, Pray, Love yet and must confess I didn't even know there was a movie coming out - I know, must get out from under this rock every now and again.

  9. Hi Kerry
    Well this sounds/looks like my kind of movie.. Like you I've been to Italy and Bali but I haven't been to India.. nor New York.... all on my want list..

    Your own photos are just sensational!!! making me yearn to travel again...

    Have a great week xx Julie

  10. What a great post! I am a big fan of the book too and like you, I have given my copy of the book away, possibly never to be seen again. I've also travelled to Italy and India but my circumstances were quite different too. As a teacher we took 24 year 9 girls to India treking in the Himilayas. An AMAZING place. My husband and I took Italian together at school so we always had a dream to go to Italy. We watched the sun set over Vatican City/Rome from the top of St Peters Basiclica. A memory I will treasure forever! Can't wait for the film.
    X Briohny.

  11. Hi !
    I love that book !! And I have only read it once. I have also read her next book about marriage. Have you ?
    I'm waiting and waiting for the movie to come to Sweden too !


  12. I forgot to say that your photos are very good !


  13. your photos are seriously good. We should see more of them

    I am afraid I am probably the only person on the planet that didn't like that book. It just did not do it for me, and I found her endless navel gazing infuriating but I know that that is the whole point of the book.

    Using that logic I will probably love the film.


  14. Oh Kerry! Your photos are AMAZING!!! I have never been to Italy, India, Nepal or Bali...however I have lived in New York and it was amazing. I am so happy you bought this book to my attention! I am going to find a copy and read it once my prac is done. Thanks for the recommendation AND for sharing your gorgeous photos. Huge hugs lovely ~ Txx

  15. I agree that your photos are particularly good. Note to self to get out more because I've not even heard of the book! Travel definitely makes one appreciate what one takes for granted at home. xx

  16. I'm reading this at the moment! And I've bought another copy for a friend :-)

  17. Amazing photos you took - I take it yours are the ones in the collages at the bottom. I especially love the one with bins of, what I presume, are pigments. Gorgeous.

  18. I know. I know. I can't wait either. Love that book too... and her life after it. Amazing photos of yours - as good as a book and a film.
    (PS. There's a knitted linen dishcloth in this month's edition of Inside Out p. 57. Nowhere near as superior as your red prototypes, and with a whopping RRP of $25. Eat, Crotchet, Laugh? )

  19. And I can't believe I've never read this book. I've wanted to for such a long time now, but it seems that the title escapes my memory whenever I'm in a bookstore or on Amazon. Going to add it to my basket now :-)

  20. I also enjoyed the book immensely Kerry, and would love to see the film.Like you, I lent my copy to someone and can't remember who...anyway it wasn't returned...something which annoys me as I am always very good at returning books I borrow!

    The pics are stunning.

  21. just this hour finished the book. I am not sure I can see the movie, however; fearing it might not stack up....

  22. october???!!! are you flipping kidding?! they've been promo'ing this for ages. was just thinking yesterday about going to see it this weekend with a friend. oh well, guess that wont be happening :)

    gorgeous images, my feet are itching! jxxx

  23. Your photos are beautiful - they instantly transported me to an amazing part of the world. I too am looking forward to Eat Pray Love hitting our screens - loved the book & so, so hoping that I'll love the movie too. Lee :)

  24. Wow I hope the book lives up to your expectations. It is a very inspiring story. The pictures are lovely- thanks for showing us. I will be sure to not miss the movie:)

  25. Ooh, I'm with you on this one...can't wait until the movie comes out...saw previews a couple of weeks ago and it looks amazing! (Stumbled upon your blog from 'Home'...nice to meet you x

  26. I'm looking forward to this movie too as I'm in the middle of reading this book now and am really enjoying it.

  27. Hi Kerry! I, too, absolutey adore this book! I've read it four times- it's been my summer read for the past 3 years; reading it twice the first summer. I just finished it, again, several days ago in anticipation of the movie. (Why in the world, in this day and time does it take y'all so long to get the movies I wonder?!! That's just wrong!!) My much-worn book looks like a text book from college with all the underlining and yellow hi-lighting. The book spoke to me on so many levels. I'm so impressed that you have been to I,I, and I!! Wow!
    loved this post!! can you tell?!!;)

    thank you for your bd well wishes!!

  28. Wow...You've really got me pumped to see it!
    Think I'll read the book first.
    I love New York...you would too!
    xoxo~kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

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