Sunday, August 15, 2010

shadow shot sunday...

I was sitting at my desk at home on Wednesday (the day away from my real work, the creating to my heart's content day) and was a bit taken with the light coming in the window and creating the shadows on this framed Nepalese thangka...that yes, I bought in Nepal...and on the wall.
The reflections in the picture are kind of nice too I thought...but please don't look too closely and see how messy the desk is!
I don't normally post on a Sunday, but I thought I might have a go at linking this picture to...
at Hey Harriet...thank you from a first timer!


  1. What a fun, busy, colorful shadow shot for the day! I love it! Hope your enjoying a lovely weekend!


  2. Great shot Kerry... Your eyes will now be open to the world of shadows ...keep your camera handy!

    Jeanne xx

  3. A fascinating play of shadows! And your wall image is a beautiful, intricate design highlighted by the shadows!

  4. It's beautiful ! I don't see the mess :)


  5. Oooh this is lovely! Don't worry about your messy desk. I gave up worrying about mine years ago. It's easier that way :)

    Thanks so much for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday. Have yourself a great week ahead!

  6. Very nice! I have to say I like hearing that there's another messy (at times) person out there as much of blogland is way toooo neat!!

  7. Lovely image - the sunlight adding another layer on top of the thangka's rich intricacy gives a very effective unsymmetrical complexity.

  8. isn´t it just funny that I just placed a post on my blog showing a picture with the sun pooring into my living room :) have a great week xoxox

  9. I love shadow play in photos. Esp dappled light! what a fun thing to take part in, I'll be looking for shadows myself now :)

  10. This is beautiful! Loving these sunny moments! We've been having some beautiful late mornings lately too!

  11. that's a really cool shot. what was in the bowl darl - some nuts, or an orange peel??

    hope you had a great weekend xx

  12. see, i wouldn't have noticed the reflection of objects on the desk if you hadn't mentioned them ;)
    i love mandalas!
    (and thank you for stopping by my blog!)

  13. p.s. thank you so much for the warm congrats and your lovely comment! so happy to find you!

  14. You must be a great Mum, how lovely to be giving your grown daughter advice for her column about happiness! How fabulous that she has a job in magazines and makes you proud. Regardless of what age, I imagine we always feel just as they are starting out at their first day of school, as if we always want to hold their hands and help them out. You sound as if you two have a beautiful bond. Lily is my best friend now and I hope that it remains like that when she is a woman, when she comes out the other side of the teenage years!

    You certainly have been busy and are very much the crafty minx. I love your pink, felt pillow. I enjoyed your silver leaf turned spray paint fiasco!!

    I also wrote down your Cecil Beaton quote - the old character certainly knew what he was on about.

    Cracked up at the broken glass blurb!

    Lovely to check in once again. Thanks for continuing to check into my blog. I have been busy at work and will be busy for the next couple of months, so bear with me on the blogging front, as my posts have been much more infrequent.

    Tracey x o


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