Tuesday, November 16, 2010

top ten pictures from the week ~ 16.11.10

It's only Tuesday and already I'm a very tired possum. Yesterday I decided to have a longish break over summer...so of course this first picture is a winter scene!  It's the yellow chairs and the ottoperson (no sexism in the tranquil townhouse) that's doing it for me for sure...the reindeer's pretty cool too...
 I'd really love to knit this throw...well our dumb weather's hardly been warm so forgive me for another wintery reference...
 I think this would be the best study/studio/library/retreat in the world...especially if it was in a separate building...
 and I've got a real thing for outdoor rooms at the moment...c'mon sunshine, you can do it!
via alkemie
 and it's really odd that I'm also being drawn to grey...I've never liked grey, so why is that I wonder? Even though it's probably blue...blue grey?

 I really love this room...all the quirky things...
 and this metal sculpture is pretty cool...
 I've got some peacock feathers (thanks Allison) which makes me really want to find a small form like this and pretend I'm at the folies bergere...ooh la la
vogue living
 and this puppy vase completely cracks me up...
via VT interiors
and a beautiful bright Indian room for last...
but who could resist this...
and I made this for dinner last night...quick, easy and tasty...perfect for the first day of the working week...one of Bill's
oops...just realised I forgot to add the limes...never mind :)


  1. Great selection Kerry. Love the sofa with all those bright, colourful cushions on it! xx

  2. Freakin' fab as always my friend, and that baby giraffe - scrumptious! K xx

  3. Beautiful photos...I love so much of it! That sunroom/verandah is amazing, I could relax there for hours. Love the puppy vase too :)

  4. A gorgeous collection of images!! You always have the best weekly round-up!!

    :) Hazel
    Hazel Loves Design

  5. A fab selection, Kerry. And congrats on reaching 300 followers, Lovely! Bravo you. J x

  6. Ooh, love the first pic and the living room with the blue-grey sofa.

  7. Fabulous top 10 as usual my dear Kerry, I always love stopping by to visit. xx

  8. Love, love, love the outdoor room...or sunroom as we call them. Maybe I am getting cabin fever already.

    Ottoperson, indeed!


  9. Hi Kerry,

    Absolutely love the giraffe- captured little Molly's attention too. We both love it!

    Have a great week.

    Emma. xx

  10. LOVE that knitted throw. I'll have to get you to knit me one too seeing as I'm a useless knitter :) That library/studio is amazing!! x

  11. I wish I could make my old torn and worn chair look as good as that one in the Vogue pic....
    Great images...You know dogs are the new cats!...;0

  12. So much to love about this post! Outdoor rooms make me excited too, I miss being warm enough to enjoy one! That peacock feather mistress is definitely a head turner!

  13. Beautiful selection but the baby giraffe was the nicest surprise. Breaks are important, I'm looking forward to one too. Take care of yourself. x

  14. Lovely pics. I especially like the retreat and outdoor room. But I'm cozying up to that "full of color" last one too!

  15. Oh heavens, forgot the cutie-pie with the sweet face!

  16. Love this parade of prettiness!

    How amazing isn't that studio... That window!! Aaah, I dream...

    Please make that bed spread and then make one more so that I can buy one from you..!! It's fantastic!

    Baby giraffe.. Aaaww.. The look on its face..! Have a gorgeous picture of a mamma and baby giraffe in my latest post. They are too cute! x

    The dog vase.. I hope the inspiration for it wasn't a real life incident.. Hmmmm.. :+

    That metal sculpture (sun dial sphere?) looks amazing. Actually that whole room looks amazing!

    Lovely lovely. All of it. Thanks my friend.

    x Charlotta


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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