Tuesday, November 23, 2010

top ten pictures from the week ~ 23.11.10

Sometimes, but not very often, I wish I could theme these top ten posts...
say something incredibly clever and designer like about these images...
which might be something of a stretch...
and would involve a whole lot more effort than I am up for on a Monday night...
which is when I put these posts together...(just an aside: one day I'm determined to have a verandah like that)
so, I'm sorry...you'll just have to continue to put up with my rabbiting on...
maybe one day I'll have a clue...
...but until then...it's just things that catch my eye in among all the eye catching loveliness in this bloggy world...
I'm still quite bemused about all the white I'm choosing...
I'm blaming this lovely book...
...that I won as a giveaway at Simone's...packaged in white with a note in pink...perfect!
thank you Simone...there are many hours of viewing pleasure in these pages I can tell you. And it's not all white!
Hope you found something you liked today...if not, there's always next week :)
images today come from: desire to inspire; driftwood interiors; lou, boos and shoes; maison; mfamb; shannon fricke; the essence of frenchness; the selby


  1. Great images today Kerry, right up my alley! ;-)

  2. Ohhh, the verandah is stunning! The perfect place for a bit of relaxing x

  3. You know you've really made it when not one, but two of your pics make it to the Tranquil Townhouse weekly top ten - that's it, I've reached the pinnacle of blogging success! I'd like to thank my mum, blogger, the photographers whose work I steal......!! K xx

  4. Ooh, love again as usual. I remember seeing that first pic at Driftwood Interiors. I love that bookshelf vignette.

  5. I love the crocheted granny square pillow!! Don't mind a bit of Granny chic. xx

  6. cool score - that book looks great. and man, it made you include an all white shot - must be good! love that verandah too, wish i was spending my day there instead of the office! xx

  7. Ah, Lovely, rabbit away. That's what we love about you! Ah, I second (or third after Sarah B)the verandah idea. Sigh. And thanks for letting us have a peek at your sweet prize. Generous Simone! J x

  8. I like it just the way you do it so don't change!
    As usual pretty pics to brighten my day, xx

  9. Found alot of LIKE. Yes I want a verandah like that too! x

  10. Gorgeous images Kerry...love the first one especially....congrats on your prize sweety....you are so deserving of it :) x

  11. I thought that WAS your verandah! LOL Lovely!

  12. Beautiful images, that top one made me swoon!

  13. Lovely images and I am very jealous of the book win!

  14. I love your ramblings Kerry, please don't change :)
    And that verandah made my heart skip a beat!

  15. But I do so love it when you rabbit on. It wouldn't be quite the same otherwise. Great images of loveliness as always, and congratulations on a fab book win. xx

  16. wonderful images. Love white too. My fa are 1st and 2nd image...

  17. Thank you for lots of lovely pictures!

  18. Gorgeous as always!! I love the pic with the crocheted cushion ....:)~ Txx

  19. Kerri,
    Just found your blog! Love the images you posted. They are simple yet elegant with a lovely mixture of styles, textures, and color which makes them very pleasing to the eye. There, that's my attempt at being clever and design like! (lol!) I am your newest follower and will be checking in often! Would love for you to visit me at walnutandvine.blogspot.com

  20. Hi,
    I'm back ! I love the pictures and we have the same book. Both you and that book have given me many ideas :)



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