Tuesday, November 9, 2010

top ten pictures from the week ~ 9.11.10

I do love Monday nights and putting together the weekly top ten.
Sometimes I get to Monday and have heaps of pictures saved...
sometimes not so many...
some weeks it's hard to find things I like...
some weeks it's super easy...
this was one of those weeks...
there seems to be more white creeping in to my choices...

but that's ok isn't it?
...of course it is! And they're never completely devoid of colour...I can't do that!
I think it's because I'm preparing to have my living room painted white...
Tiny's coming this afternoon to give me a quote. I'll keep you posted.
Ok...here's some more colour...you know I can't resist...
Make sure you come back tomorrow won't you...there's going to be a guest post. I love that :)
this week images are from: apartment therapy, a punch of color, an indian summer, belle maison, bloesem, design sponge, poppytalk, the inside story, the new victorian ruralist


  1. Is Apartment Therapy a magazine? If so, I wonder if I can get it here...if it is sold here and I haven't seen it. I love the pictures I see with it as a source.

    These are some very nice pictures, Kerry. I love a lot of white, too but always manage to sneak color in as well!

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Hi Kerry, too much white isnt for me either; i like a lot of it, but need some blues and pinks too.
    Have a great week, hope you find lots of lovely new inspirational pics for next week!
    laura c xx

  3. As usual a fabulous selection Kerry! xoxox

  4. Ooh, I like them all Kerry, but #1 and #4... I LOVE!!! Thanks for sharing more loveliness. Happy Tuesday, lovely ~ xx

  5. Love these posts Kerry, thanks! Hope you're having a lovely week xx

  6. Dear Kerry, I cannot help but think that your choices are unusually restrained this week. Perhaps the influence of your impending drawing room makeover......perhaps an overload of 'Casino Chic' in Sydney?!!

  7. How exciting getting your living room painted. I hope Tiny gives you a good quote. xx

  8. All deliciously fun and comfortable and positively not as if the designer just left.

  9. I love the patches of colour Kerry, in fact I decided yesterday that I need more bright colour in my life, starting with cushions me thinks.
    ps love all the white too :)

  10. Great bunch of pics! Love that top one best! What a fabulous sofa.

  11. These are fabulous images. I was saying to myself, love that, oh love that, but really I gravitate to the more neutral, and the whiter they became the more they resonated with me. I think interiors do have the curly/straight hair syndrome. :) x Great blog you have.

  12. Seems like a good mix of white and colour to me. I love that turquoise sofa with all the art hung above it.

  13. Love love love the turquoise sofa!

  14. Exciting to be having your living room painted. How fresh and lovely it will be. I heard or read somewhere that if you put a bowl of vinegar in the corner of a freshly painted room it will absorb the paint smell. Make sure you take plenty of photos.

  15. I love the neutrals but your colour in these pictures is absolutely stunning:). Good luck with the lounge renovation. You know where we are if you want to bounce any ideas around:)

  16. Kerry, if you ever start going all white in your home, we will all wonder what is wrong with you! Vibrant and lively colours are part of you! Thank goodness there were still hints of your hot pink in some of those photos!

  17. I love your collection Kerry...that last one is calling my name!!

    Jeanne xx

  18. I would absolutely love that pink coffee table and the settee in the first photo! Love them!

  19. Hi Kerry,

    Love these top 10, especially the dining room- just gorgeous!

    Emma. xx


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