Friday, June 17, 2011

Bali::and off I go on a writing retreat...

I'm heading off to Bali tomorrow. It's around 30 years since I've been there. Horrifying thought. The 30 years thing, not the actual going to Bali. Some of you were probably in nappies, or at pre-school or still wearing knee highs (does anyone still do that) the last time I went; with my long permed hair and new husband in tow :)
This time I'm heading off alone (it's not sad, don't worry) to attend a workshop run by the Sydney Writers' Centre. Aren't they clever going to the tropics so that when you're sweating about what you're writing you can brush it off as the effects of humidity!
I booked this ages ago when I was searching for a focus other than the paid work. If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that I'll have a go at most things. It could be called a short attention span; I prefer to call it a fascination with learning :)

But writing is one of those things that is a constant in my life. I do a lot of writing for work. I love that part of it. Discussing problems with my clients, working out what we're trying to achieve and then producing it. The solution always involves words. If I'm really lucky I get to design some graphics too. But not all the time. Rarely in fact. And while I try not to use too much formal language, sometimes it has to be so. Which I suppose requires its own creativity. That's me with my Pollyanna hat on.

Writing creatively is what I'm looking to do sometime down the track. This blog is a small part of that. I feel like I'm embarking on something. I'm not sure of its shape or form, but it's exciting. And the worse thing that can happen by heading off to Bali? I'll meet some nice people, have a crack at something different, revisit a beautiful place, have a cocktail or three....:)
I probably won't blog while I'm away but I have scheduled two posts about two very lovely young women I know so you don't miss me too much. So you all take care and I'll catch up with you when I get back. And wish me luck getting everything finished at work today before I can down tools with a clear conscience...that could be a challenge :)


  1. Oh Kerry, have a wonderful time you lucky thing! What a treat. I hope it's everything you want it to be. Safe travels x

  2. All the best Kerry, have a wonderful time and enjoy the writing course. You do write your blog posts rather well. I always enjoy reading them. Have fun too! ;-)

  3. Ah Kerry, I'm so pleased and excited for you.
    To be immersed in the writing process whilst filling your senses with all the wonderfulness of Bali = pure bliss!

    Soak it all up and I look forward to reading all about it when you return.

    Selamat tinggal,

    felicity xx

  4. Long time, no comment sorry... immersed in selling and moving. Have a wonderful trip, I'm very envious and interested to see what you get out of the workshop too. A x

  5. Oh wow! How nice will that be, I'm very jealous Kerry as I've never been to Bali. And writing is something that I really feel I could do with a bit of help and tuition. Bring back lots of photos for us to see, and throw in one of you with the long permed hair please!
    Have a wonderful time!!!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful experience Kerry :) Enjoy the course, cocktails and the heat! xx

  7. Exciting times, Kerry. New adventures & things to learn.
    Life is good x

  8. Have a wonderful time .. make sure you get some time to enjoy Bali too (-:

  9. Hi Kerry, it's been a while since I've are going to Bali! Wow!
    Have a fantastic time and enjoy!
    Claudia xo

  10. Have a truly wonderful time. I am really very jealous a bit of that lovely warmth, a few cocktails and writing what could be better?!!!!xx

  11. oh how divine!! have a wonderful and creative trip filled with lots of inspiring moments. BALI! holy cow.

  12. Have fun Kerry, I will hold my Bali story until you get back.

  13. My Bali experiences have only ever been amazing. Great place to zen out and get your creative writing mojo on. Enjoy!
    Look forward to seeing what treasures you pick up along the way too. Quite fancy a bit of batik.

  14. 1983 for me Kerry. Just remember, "show don't tell". The most difficult thing, I think, to master. Except you, of course, execute this perfectly with your blog.

  15. Enjoy the sweat and getting creative Kerry. Hope you find the time to explore while your there.
    Take care.
    Rebecca x

  16. Can't wait to hear how different Bali is from your first trip.

    I went 30 years ago too! I was 10 and it was Easter-time 1981. It was a wonderful experience. We stayed at the Bali Hyatt ... I wonder if that's still there?

    Have fun!

  17. Oh my goodness, sounds wonderful! What a gorgeous place that is!


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