Thursday, June 2, 2011

mason interesting but completely useless fact

First of all...thank you for your sympathetic responses about my weekend of working. Believe me, it's not something I like to make a habit of. This is in lieu of a 'my creative space' post this week, because as we know, damn it, the aforementioned weekend of working meant I didn't do anything remotely creative. Not even glueing anything together
So, having complained twice in the one week I'm going to drop it now. Possibly. Instead I'm going to talk about mason jars. If you're anything like me, and are quite the fan of a bit of useless on.
You see these jars all over bloggy world...there's no end to their uses... storage for one...
via pinterest (which I am still resisting!)
they're even quite nice when being used for their original purpose...heaven forbid...
...but did you know that John Landis Mason (who solved the preserving problem by patenting the threaded glass jar with a metal screw-on lid thereby making it possible to preserve all kinds of foods that would have spoiled without the benefit of said jar) can take a breath now...
...did you know that he sold the rights to his patent for a very modest amount of money so he could concentrate on inventing other things (a folding life raft, self draining soap dish, case for cigars) that he thought would make him rich but didn't. As all his other inventions failed he "withdrew into a semi demented poverty (and) died alone and forgotten in a New York City tenement house in 1902". Did you know that? No? Me either. In fact before I started blogging I don't think I'd even heard of a mason jar, let alone its inventor.
And how did I know this? By reading this book. Not that I've had time to finish it....too much work to do! I did say possibly :)
I'll catch you next week...after what I hope will be a really relaxing weekend. Enjoy yours and thank you for dropping in whenever you have the chance. I will try my best to do the same very soon :)


  1. That wasn't a useless fact! I've been trying to invent the Mason jar for the past five years, day and night, little realising that someone else got there first. I will now set aside my great endeavour and have a small square of chocolate. My debt to you is great.

  2. Semi-demented poverty...? Goodness. I hope I never end up as a useless fact in a Bill Bryson book... I think I need to go and lie down.

  3. How interesting. Useless information is my favourite kind, as that seems to be the only type I commit to memory.
    Poor old Mr Mason.

  4. Well Kerry,
    I didn't know what a Mason jar was until I started blogging....we don't have them here but, if everyone else loves them and has got them then, I want one !!!!....or five !!
    Thank you for the history of Mason jars. Michael Caine says....'not a lot of people know that' !! XXXX

  5. You know, I have never seen a turquoise mason jar in "real life" I see them a lot on the blogs. I love a good useless fact, Makes me feel smarter!

  6. I never knew what the big attraction to Mason jars was until I went to the lake and the carpenter had found 2 turquoise jars that I have forever held close to my heart. Would I have 3 years ago? I doubt it!


  7. Well, I think Mr Mason will be chuffed to bits with his legacy!
    Very enjoyable (and certainly not useless) information, Kerry - love your work (not the stuff that kills your weekend, that is!)

  8. Very interesting (not useless at all - we need to know these things!)...poor Mr Mason, if only he was alive today! I've never seen one in the flesh but love seeing what people in the bloggy world are doing with them. They look so pretty :)

  9. Thanks for the interesting facts on Mr Mason - he's a bit of a Van Gogh isn't he poor man. I hope you have a wonderful relaxing indulgent weekend Kerry!

  10. You're just taunting me aren't you! And now everyone will be fighting for the same masons jars as me, and I'll never get my light fittings finished. Do you know how hard it is to find old ones with lids? Poor Mr Mason. I feel for him. His story alone makes me want to save more jars! That book sounds great. xx

  11. Bottled glass jars comes very handy for storage.

  12. I'm now sorted for the next trivia night, Kerry. I'll dedicate my eventual victory to you. xx

  13. You are priceless my friend, absolutely priceless! K xx

  14. I have the most amazing amethyst Mason jar - with lid! It's just perfection. Lovely, lovely post.

  15. Hope you're enjoying your weekend, creative or no. Love the trivia, I've never heard of them called Mason jars, consider me enlightened! Have a good one :)

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