Wednesday, June 8, 2011

top ten pictures from the week ~ and photographer Peta Rudd

Oops...a bit late this week.
seen on abigail ahern
Work. Don't ask.
seen on decorology
Consequently, a smallish collection...
only five...
but...there's a bonus...
seen on the diversion project
A few weeks one of my regular top ten posts...there was this picture...

by peta rudd and seen on the design files
It was of a very cool Canberra house, and as I said in that post, yes...Canberra can do cool. Not often. But sometimes...
It certainly does cool people, because Peta Rudd, the photographer and stylist and artist who took that shot wrote to me and very politely, incredibly politely in fact, asked if I wouldn't mind crediting her as the photographer in that post. Hell yes, hang my head in shame, of course I wouldn't mind. So I did. You can go back and check if you don't believe me :)
I felt really bad that I hadn't done it in the first place. You know me...always running on empty, trying to get posts up, do the very busy day job, to say nothing of the Cert IV (yes, let's say nothing about that!), wanting to do stuff around the townhouse, drag out the sewing machine, the crochet hooks, the knitting needles, the brushes...yada, yada, yada...
So I thought the next best thing was to highlight some of Peta's work for you to see...and so I have. It's a bit lovely isn't it. You can find more of her stuff here and here. Phew, one thing done that I told myself I'd do. 
Only eleventy-seven more to go! But they'll have to wait. I'm off to watch MasterChef :)


  1. Hi Kerry,
    Am loving your top ten and Peta Rudd's photographs.What gorgeous styling.
    .....and, you are another blogger who loves to acheive seventy zillion things each day. I am so grateful for the genes that I was born with. I never feel a need to achieve too many things each day. Don't get me's not laziness, as I was up at 6.30 a.m. doing housework, bill's, letter writing etc. I now have all day to either do some planting in the garden or maybe I'll have a sit down and read or watch Queen's grass court tennis tournament.....the build up to Wimbledon !!
    ....and, I'm so glad to hear that you have a new Masterchef. That means that we will get it here soon. I really enjoy the Aussie version as much as ours. Have fun and don't work too hard. XXXX

  2. You're a busy chook, aren't you? I love the pic of the bedroom with that fab ikea light. Gorgeous!
    Not enough hours in the day, is there? Enjoy masterchef :)

  3. great top ten! We all skimp on sources sometimes, but I think it was cool that she contacted you directly... don't apologize - very few of us make our living doing this, it's supposed to be fun, and feeling pressured isn't fun. We'll take you when we can get you, Kerry :)

  4. Where do you get your energy?!!!!! Love all the pics and isn't she a very clever photographer? Thank you for being here! xxx

  5. She does take some wonderful pictures, Kerry. I'm not sure if these rooms are my style but they are fun!

    I hope you do what you WANT to do today. It is so hot here, it is taking all my effort to stay cool!


  6. Eleventy-seven? That all? And loving Peta's work - thanks for the tip. K xx

  7. Work - eurgh! Hope the next few weeks get a bit better. Gorgeous photos as per usual. That one of the bedroom and that almost botanical like light fitting is sooo soothing. Blissful to look at. Thanks for popping me in your side bar by the way. :-)

  8. Peta's work is lovely. And I'm charmed by that first image with the yellow couch!

  9. You are busy! Ms Rudd can't ask for a nicer blog to be displayed on.

    Thanks for showing her work.

  10. Thanks for showcasing Ms Rudd, LOVE the simplicity and velvety colours of the flowers and the cookbooks.
    I'm not asking about the Cert IV .....

  11. How I love those first two images. Both such inviting rooms. And I think you've done Peta Rudd proud. Her images are rather lovely. Hope your week has calmed down somewhat, and work is well under control. xx

  12. The first room is my favorite! Love that yellow sofa.


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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