Tuesday, June 14, 2011

top ten pictures from the week ~ 14 June 11 (and a relative of mine starts a blog!)

Hello possums...
how was your long weekend?
...if you were lucky enough to have one that is.
...mine was mixed.
by nic at make space
I spent most of saturday starting to make a quilt for a new baby
paul candales as seen on the style files
her name is Ruby Grace...isn't that lovely
seen on mfamb
you can see the start of it over on my FB page
but my plans to finish it were scuttled by that thing called work
seen on anya adores
which seems to be crowding my life just a bit too much at the moment
I shouldn't complain...it pays the bills after all
seen on alkemie
but still...
taken by anya adores
My cousin Phillip has started a blog (he says he was inspired by me...silly bugger. I've warned him about blogging addiction)
...it's called Reinventing Home and it will chronicle his and his partner's search for their first home somewhere in the Blue Mountains. Pop over and say hi if you get a chance. He's family after all :)
There'll be no top ten next week...I'll be out of the country and quite possibly incommunicado!
You'll cope I'm sure......but I've given you a few extras today just in case you don't :)


  1. I'm going to have to start 'pinning' some of your images!

    I'll now say 'hi' to cousin Phil.

  2. Long weekend was busy and tranquil all at the same time - the perfect mix for me! Sorry to hear work got in the way a bit for you again.
    Thank you SO much for using one of my photos in your post today - how super chuffed am I!
    I'm off over to say hi to cousin Phil ....

  3. Gorgeous pictures as always. You're right about blogging, bet Phil is addicted in no time xx

  4. Fabulous as always my friend! And what will I do without my weekly fix? Oh well, so long as you make up for it when you get back, I suppose I can let you off the hook :)
    K xx

  5. The picture with the swan in the mist is stunning, Kerry!


  6. Always love your posts...like a fountain to inspiration

  7. I would like to sit in those green chairs with you and have a cuppa and a natter. I would admire that fabulous ceiling above.
    Have a great time away and don't forget the camera.
    I will pop over to say hi to your cousin Phil.

  8. I love the wintery glasshouse..Lots of white in your pictures these days Miss Kerry.. Rachaelxx

  9. That wintery glasshouse is just magical!

    I am in inspiration heaven. Had to pinch myself to make sure I hadn't carked it!

    Wonderful post - thank you!

  10. Hi there Miss Kerry,
    just wanted to drop by and say thanks again for the inspiration with the blog and for the plug!
    I'm up to my second post and thanks to you and your wonderful friends I now have my 1st 10 followers!
    Love your current set of images - as always you're style amazes me!
    Phill X

  11. I am in love with the Image from Anya Adores......just beautiful x

  12. Hello hello! How's the quilt going?
    I love these Kerry - especially that minimal kitchen, and the swans, and of course the rabbit artwork. And also the green chairs - they look like cacti! :)

    Am planning our trip to the nation's capital. Will you be there later in the month or early July?
    Are you coming to Sydney soon or have I missed you?

    xx C

  13. I always love checking out your "top tens". Love that last room and the pops of yellow in the kitchen is pretty great too. Now to check out your cousin's blog. What have you started? Poor guy. ;)

  14. oh, I love these posts! Metallic kitchen cabinets? Drool... Weathered cognac leather dining chairs with nailhead trim? Drool...


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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