Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a bit of birthday blogging

It's the MGM's birthday today...hip hip hooray! The MGM is an artist and it's fair to say that we may have slightly differing opinions on things arty. For one thing, he's trained, and I most certainly am not. This has led to a few interesting debates and a rapid (often wine fuelled) increase in my art education! I like quirk, but some of these are a bit too out there for me. But because it's his birthday, I've decided to post images from some of the beloved's favourite artists...according to his bio wouldn't lie on something like that now surely! They're not all exactly my cup of tea, but hey, it's not my birthday is it?
So this is for you my love...drum roll...otto dix (1891-1969)...
...ralph eugene meatyard (1925-72)
...e.j. bellocq (1873-1949)...actually these good time girls I do quite like...sassy!
all images from here

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  1. What a creative post showing the utmost in good taste. Thankyou.


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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