Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ganesh's smash hit

I had, and I stress the word 'had', a Ganesh statue similar to this...
encased in one of these...

until... (I can barely talk about it)...
...until last night I dropped my iphone on it from a great height while using the phone's spirit level app to try and get my newly painted red notice board hanging level on the wall in my study. I am gutted. My ganesh snowdome was quite possibly the most amazing bit of kitsch I will ever own. I have never seen anything quite in its league anywhere else (sorry Carol, even the Obama Chia would turn green with envy!). In my humble opinion there was nothing to rival its complete and utter kitschness. It was in a class, or should that be glass, all its own. There is no other option than to mourn its passing (pour me another glass of wine please...not this morning of course...that would be just plain wrong), light up some incense and plan a trip back to India where I bought it, to begin the quest for its replacement. 
Taj Mahal snowdomes, ha!...a dime a dozen.  A ganesh snowdome...now that was something. This home improvement stuff has its downside I've gotta tell you.
all images from here


  1. The Obama Chia HAS turned green with envy . . my heart goes out to you. Surely some expert Google sleuthing can find you a replacement.

  2. Thanks Carol...I'm on to it! But a trip to India would be so much more satisfying don't you think? Perhaps not for the wallet though!

  3. Hello,
    Nice images i like it
    All things including the sets, props, costumes, styling, and characters will have to symbolize the time and background of the event.


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