Tuesday, March 30, 2010

style...but what style?

You know I love a little quizlet...especially when I have no clue what the result means...as in this quiz I found through Chinoserie Chic.
Apparently my style is 60% Nantucket, 30% traditional country and 10% modern elegant...whatever all of that means...and does that make me completely mixed up!
I did actually like some things about this picture below that apparently typifies my style....well not according to the last quiz I did which pegged me as Oriental Boho or some such. This one is meant to be beachy, meets country, meets elegant? It's quite white isn't it? Love white...just too afraid to do it...clumsy!
The things I like about this room are...the persian carpet (phew-ee..there's the oriental connection)...I have a couple of those... but not red ones...although I would like a red one for my study to match my red IKEA shelf...and my red notice boards...and my red chinese cabinet...would that be a red overdose do you think?
The squishy sofas...yep got two quite like those, except mine are not white...they have yellow slipcovers...and they are oh-so comfy...I will never part with them (that comment was for you MGM!)
The ottoman I am definitely in favour of...or as my good friend Chris and I like to call them...the ottoperson...politically correct we are! Chris and I made an ottoperson once from scratch...frame and all...it's in my living room...I'll show it to you sometime...it's cool! But not white either.
I like that coffee table, except I'm always bemused by coffee tables that you can't easily reach out and put your...erm...coffee on...or that nice cold refreshing chardonnay...or, as it's getter colder here...a good old Bundy and coke (if you've never had a Bundaberg rum you haven't lived bloggy people). 
I love the beams and the french doors.  I have beams (they're not white either but I really want them to be) but no french doors...bit sad about that...maybe next time.
However...can't stand the bookcase (and I LOVE books...why aren't there more books in there..that might have made a difference). Now THIS is a bookcase...and look... another ottoperson...
or this...don't you want that globe and mirror as well?

from Living etc and Apartment Therapy
And the chandelier...love chandeliers...always have

image from here
Crumbs...how did that white room sneak in there!
So that leaves us with...buggered if I know...I always thought Nantucket was a place! Pop on over blossoms and give this one a go...and if you turn out Nantucket as well...let me know what it means will you?
top image from here


  1. The results of these quizzes are always a bit of fun. I shall head over and see what I am! xx

  2. Hi Kerry. I must admit, I've never taken one of these quizes. I think I'm afraid it may confuse me even more!

  3. Ha! Too funny, I posted about this quiz too! And came up about 33% Nantucket style...which is really just a relaxed but classic beach style...I guess! At the end of the day, I would say, I know what I like when I see it! Love your blog's name!

  4. Oh Kerry you just make me smile!! Your writing style is so wonderful, thanks for a much needed giggle my friend! Hmm I have no idea what style I 'own' but I will now have to divert from my science assignment to find out:) Have a great Tuesday ~ Tina xx

  5. Oh no . . . another quiz! I got depressed after I did the last one! Btw, you have me longing to hear more about the ottoperson.

  6. I will have to do this test as I cant really define my style either.

  7. Ok, what's the deal, I've just spent the last half an hour trying to do that test - it hates me! I almost finish and then poof! - nothing. But I think I would definitely be a great big slurp of Nantucket, throw in a dollop of modern country, more than a dash of beach chic...hey, must be lunchtime, I'm talking food quantities here! Will try the test again later. Maybe I'm just too all over the place for the poor thing to cope!
    Have a great day,
    K xx

  8. Hey Kerry, thanks so much for stopping by, I've enjoyed popping by your blog too! xoxo

  9. I'm going to take that quiz too. It sounds like fun! Thanks, Kerry but letting me know about the movie Water. I'll see if I can find it.
    Love that mirror on one of the pics as well. Fun post!

  10. Many items would fit just perfect in 'my style' ;o)
    Lovely post! Your blog is lovely too, I'm your newest follower, looking forward to your future posts ... Have a happy day! xo

  11. Hi Kerry,
    Well, although it has taken me about 24 hours because of trouble in the land of the blogger, I have finally completed the quiz. !! I am ....wait for it ..... drum roll please..... FRENCH ECLECTIC/COTTAGE CHIC....whatever that means !! I rather like it though, and will be quoting it on a daily basis !!
    Otterpeople, to give them their collective name, are a pretty good piece of furniture. They are an extra seating space when one is having a soiree !! and very good for putting your feet on !
    I have done some research on your behalf (I'm such a good friend) and have found out that Nantucket style is the palatte of Nantucket Island. Sun bleached whites (hence your last picture),cranberry bog reds, seagrass greens, grey blues.
    it's the weathered look ( very handy ...... don't need to do any decorating !!),reflecting nature and the beach. Slip covers, painted wood (your pergola !), painted wood floors in fact, I love all of that so, why wasn't I Nantucket ? I'm off to take the quiz again !! XXXX

  12. Oi Kerry... fiquei apaixonada pelo seu Blog.
    Gostaria de ser presenteada com um SELO seu e gostaria que aceitasse o meu Selo.
    Beijos no coração.
    Vanda Siqueira.

  13. Obrigada pela visita...!!!
    Beijos no coração...!!!
    Amo visitar seu Blog.

  14. Good to meet you - and I love your sense of humor and your pergola - I'm begging my dh for one this summer oh please oh please.....
    I love the white and have the sofa with the down filling in 'cream' - safer they say....will never part with it!

  15. I did this quiz a few times the other day too - the first one I was Modern Vintage / Cottage Chic which when I read the descriptions actually fit me quite well. Every other time I've done the quiz, my results have changed though :)

  16. Love the photo you included - we have the couch, 2 white chairs and ottoman.No white walls for me though. And yes, bookcases are meant to be filled with books. Mary

  17. Hi Kerri - really late with this comment, I know..... I scored 100% Nantucket - which I'm loving. Nantucket Island (off the coast of New York/Boston) is all about holidays; full-on in the summer with country and beach fused together; white weatherboard houses, big verandahs, picnics, shorts and big blousey shirts and birkenstocks. In the winter it's almost deserted with wind-swept beaches, huge storms where they batten down the hatches and widows-walks a plenty..... I know all this because one of my favourite authors - Nancy Thayer - sets all her novels there. I can recommend her for a light - as in not too deep and meaningful - but satisfying read. Cheers


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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