Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i think i've created a monster

Well look who it is...Buffy the Vampire Slayer as seen on Desire to Inspire's Monday's Pets on Furniture ...
She looks quite fierce in this photo doesn't she...I chose that one on purpose just so you'd see her true colours. See how the claw is curled ready to strike, and the tail's been flicking, showing off her temperament...and that glare! She would turn the Medusa to stone with that look she would.  The first born wanted me to use this shot of her...

but I was having none of that...she looks decidely un-slayer like here...and I know that's just a trick designed to lull the unwary into striking range of her paw or jaw. That cat is sneaky.
And I have to tell you...this new-found blog celebrity has gone right to her feline head! 
No longer will the Woolies Select brand cat food do for her majesty...oh with her imagined celebrity status, it's this or nothing...

oh yeah...garnish and all.  Next thing I'll have to dismantle the courtyard (precious painted pergola and all!) and put in a trout stream...not that she would deign to actually do anything that involved any effort.
I'm waiting to get a demand for this next...

...perhaps the caviar, without the side of vodka...although nothing would surprise me about that cat...she has been walking with a decided tilt to starboard lately.
I could see myself purchasing something like this for her though...only because I like it...don't want you to think I'm getting soft or anything.

Do go and check out the pet post though...there are lots of really nice animals over there that you won't find here!
slayer images by me; others from here

p.s. the ghastly colour on my walls has to go...all ideas gratefully accepted!


  1. Well you know, a fancy feline like Princess Buffy deserves nothing but the best, and you as her minion should accept that and serve her in the way she so rightly deserves. Now, back to the servants' quarters for you, shouldn't you be preparing her breakfast or plumping her pillows? Off with you! xxx

  2. Crumbs Kerri that made me laugh so you have a hidden camera here in the townhouse? Made my day that did!

  3. Check out my blog today my lovely for colour help. As for Buffy, she should meet my Lenny (aka Lenard J Basmooch). Sounds like a match made in heaven. Maybe I'll post some pics of him one day...Rachaelxx And thanks for the morning laugh, two more kisses for you - xx

  4. Lille old Buffy looks a pussy cat !! You love her really, don't you Kerry. Go on, admit it. I bet that, when all of the family are in bed, you slip her some smoked salmon or some chicken. .... or, have you been bitten by her and are, yourself a vampire. I've noticed that you post a lot at night and I haven't seen many references to garlic. Mmmmm , I wonder ...... XXXX

  5. It's only night-time on your side of the world the sun is always shining!! My daughter has the same sneaking suspicion as you though, that I really do love her (the cat I mean, not the daughter...her I of course adore!) But yes, she has bitten me quite a there's a thought! Reminder to self...write about garlic! love ya xx

  6. Oh your cat reminds me of our old cat! Once she had me pinned under my doona and everytime I tried to get out she would pounce and really dig her claws into me, I was terrified!! LOL reading through these comments, what a lovely giggly start to the morning!! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday Kerry ~ Tina x

  7. I hope to see my little vampire slayer here one day

  8. You are so funny. I love the Pets on furniture posts and hope to get Molly in it one day.

  9. Your cat is definitely one tough cookie - high expectations out of life.

    As for your walls - have you considered gray - not sure if that would work though. Just a thought off the top of my head.

  10. Just too funny you are!
    I miss my cat hoolio... he was the coolest :)

  11. Ah Kerry, your Buffy makes me laugh so much:)))
    See the dangerous stare she's giving you, like "keep off and don't you dare warn me off MY sofa!"
    Love her !
    xo, Flaviana

  12. My mum's cat gets comfy exactly like that on her lounge :) Thanks for stopping by my blog - I look forward to more of your future posts now that I've discovered yours too x

  13. You are too funny. I too, think you might be a vampire yourself! Hmm. . . color choices . . . something light: creamy white, lightest beige or soft blue? Can't wait to see what you decide.

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