Wednesday, October 13, 2010

cool retro caravans

I'm not much of a one for caravaning...although I did enjoy my armchair travels with the Moerks very much!
My friend Terry (husband to the chandelier fairy) got this book for his birthday last month (actually it was August but let's not quibble) and was kind enough to let me have a is aptly named! Caravans that are cool on the inside...
 as well as the out...
 They have names...this one's Diddy (not as in P...)
Say hello to the 1954 Winchester Pipet...
 Freeman...well yes, probably...
 This is a Ralph Lauren wallpaper and a caravan chandelier...a carandelier perhaps??
 a 1970s monza 1000...I hope this is meaning something to makes no sense to me I'd have to say...
 This is Mr Smith's caravan. Mr Smith? I think not with that shagadelic interior!
And this may be familiar to you...Roald Dahl's gypsy wagon that inspired his story Danny the Champion of the World...
 I'm quite taken with this newly built shepherd's hut...
 This is a 'canned ham' caravan for obvious reasons. Not sure about its inhabitants.
 ...but I'm quite loving the interior...
 And of course I had to include an Aussie...although I'm a bit disappointed in its lack of panache. Southern Cross is good though.
This is called a teardrop...4 foot wide and high and 8 foot long. Sleeps 2 apparently. Cosy. 
 Guess who owned this next one? The castle might be a giveaway. Prince Charles and Princess Anne when they were kiddlywinks. A play caravan...just what every (royal) kid needs.
 A nicely padded headboard in a caravan called Daisy. Of course.
 But this is my favourite. Cheerful, even though it comes with a cat that looks a lot like the vampire slayer (not shown).
Almost enough to convince me to consider caravaning. I said almost.
Sorry about the photos...taken in the fading Canberra light. Daylight saving? Spring? Ha...get a wriggle on good weather! Please and thank you.


  1. Aren't they great! I am not the sort of person who could cope with caravaning but it would be nice to have one in a big backyard where you could escape to for a nap, read, art project or daydream :)

  2. Hi Kerry, great post! I love the teardrop, what more could you want? I also love the carandelier. By the way.... what has happened to those lovely chandeliers from the good fairy? Have you managed to put them up as yet? Still raining here in Brissy, not too happy about it either... I want to do some gardening, bring back the sunshine... ;-)

  3. I love them all. This is right up my alley! Thank you.

    'The Collectors' featured a retro-caravan collector/restorer once. He made them look wonderful.

    A little small for a family of six - but would be great to tow to the beach one day and have a personal change room and lunch table and place to escape the hoards.

  4. Ooh, I will take a 'Constance', please:) These are so cool!! ~ Txx

  5. I'd love one of these parked in my back paddock - it would make a great studio, guest accomodation...or somewhere to banish the teenagers when they're being cantankerous. Hold on, why should they get all the fun - on second thoughts, I'd keep it all for myself! K xx

  6. too cool!! i have always wanted an "airstream" parked in my backyard filled with vintage decor, but alas our neighborhood doesn't allow it

  7. Uh-oh. Huge flashback to Nambucca Heads, Lane Cove and Coburg Caravan Parks where we stayed on family holidays motoring right down the east coast from central Queensland. I can't imagine these little beauties confined to a van park. But hang on, imagine a van park full of them (we could be onto something big here - boutique van parks - just think!! Wotif?)

  8. I love vintage trailers. My favourites of the ones you showed are Constance the green and white one and, of course, the teardrop one. I'm a tad obsessed with teardrops as that is what I would like us to get in the next 5 years or so. That way we can pull it behind our car (no heavy duty vehicle needed) and not have to sleep on the ground anymore.

  9. GAH!!! I need and I want. I just adore all of them. They are honestly way too sweet for words. What great finds and thank you for sharing!! :) Xo

  10. I'm not one for caravaning but WOW . . . it's amazing what they've done with these. VERY cool post. I love it.

  11. Constance could tempt me onto the road... well.. ...perhaps not, she looks very settled where she is with the pot plants so maybe just a quick visit in situ!!!!

  12. Oh they are so cute and adorable. You almost have this 5 star Princess convinced caravanning is not so bad lol.

  13. I'm going to have to show The Gypsy this post, he's going to love it! xo

  14. I am not one for camping, however I'd love to "camp" in one of these little darlings!

  15. Loved the photos of all the 'caravans'. Where I live we call them trailers. My dream would be to sell everything and live in one and travel the country. My husband and I are gypsy's at heart (we've moved over 30 times in 33 years of marriage!)
    Thanks for sharing! Regards.


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