Wednesday, October 6, 2010

top ten pictures from the week ~ 6.10.10

It's that time of the week again...
although to be honest...
given the short weeks we've been having...
I've kinda lost track of when I usually do these posts.
Tuesday I think.
Maybe next time.
Or possibly not...

Can you tell from my choices what sort of mood I've been in this week?

What did you guess?
First and last images are beds...this may be because I'm already knackered from staying up late watching the Commonwealth Games and it's only Day 2 of competition! 
Which might also account for the fact that there are eleven pictures in this week's top ten...think of it as a bonus,along with the good news that the Reserve Bank didn't put up interest rates today :)


  1. The last image is a real treat! Love the burnt yellow hues. Enjoy the games!

  2. Love the first bed although think Mark wouldn't like all the pink! The beadboard living room looks so cottagy (although personal taste would have me ditch the orange pillows (my least favourite colour))! Canada is just behind you in medal count! Enjoy your day off tomorrow or is it today! Mary xx

  3. I ALWAYS look forward to these - no matter when they go up....

    Thanks so much!


  4. Ooh, love the desk with all the pictures on the wall. And the shade of blue in the third pic is gorgeous.

  5. More gorgeousness!! Love the colour of those tulips:) If I had a bunch I would give them to you my dear and wish you a happy Wednesday:) Happy creative day off work, Kerry! Hugs ~ Tina xx

  6. Hi
    Take it whatever day you want :) It's always nice to see. I'm not that clever to understand your mood. I hope that you are happy.


  7. A beautiful collection of images as always Kerry, a few need to go straight to my inspiration folder I think. My absolute favourite is the fourth from the bottom - love the fresh looking colour scheme.

  8. Great images as usual Kerry and big yay to the Reserve bank!!

  9. hehe was very tempted today to say that at work, "well you might get that thing you want by tuesday, but probably not!"

    gorgeous selction darl, second to last my fave! xxx

  10. that desk with the pink lamp mmmm delicious!

  11. I love the colors in the third photo and that last office photos is great. I love when pictures are hung on a bookcase like that

  12. Nothing wrong with beds Kerry & these are truly gorgeous! Feel free to repeat the exercise any time.
    Millie ^_^

  13. I've pinched the two study pics, thank you my darling! It's one of my current projects..Rachaelxx


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