Friday, October 22, 2010

soul food friday...being seen

I'm not going to get all philosophical this Friday. I really wanted to post this for one simple reason: it made me laugh when I saw it and that's good enough for me. I love the idea that God (or whoever or whatever you believe in) has a sense of humour. That really appeals.
And I wish I'd had this as a poster when the kids were little...the words seem different when they don't come from you!
On a slightly more serious note, the first born and I were discussing this 'quote', and her take on it was this: when someone does something horrible to you, you don't need to seek revenge or retribution, get them back, play tit for tat. You can let it go. Simply because they've been 'seen' and the universe will sort it out. I like that too. We're looked after.
But mostly I think it's funny :)
Thanks so much everyone for a terrific week. Your comments are always so supportive, fun and an absolute pleasure to read. You make my day, every day.
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  1. Kerry. We must speak of mulch (soul food for plants?). For fear of retribution from the universe, do seek a second opinion on euchy mulch for your outdoor 'creative space' which, like your indoor one, is always 'looking good and doing wonderful things.' My notes may be dodgy and my research suggests that eucalyptus mulch may be particularly beneficial in a native garden because it promotes the development of micro-organisms in the soil which enhance plant health. Other sources indicate that it may leach oil. Also, I am reliably informed by the 9th edition of The Canberra Gardener that fresh pine and other wood chips, bark chips and grass clippings may take nitrogen from the soil and temporarily rob the plants - thus requiring a supplement like Blood and Bone or a high nutrient material such as pea straw underneath. (This is precisely why I don't garden!) :O) Deb

  2. That reminds me of that tee-shirt - "Look busy - Jesus is coming!"

  3. Whatever your beliefs - it is very funny. I must say I like to believe in Karma and trust that everything works out in the end, somehow :)
    Have a lovely Friday (and weekend) Kerry!

  4. I'm with Sarah about Karma, however it is infinitely less satisfying than swift revenge. That's my Italian blood talking.

  5. Something to remember. And I too, wish my kids lived with this sign looking over them. They didn't much care if I saw something!


  6. You've got a pretty wise firstborn there my friend. She has a maturity that many twice her age will never manage to achieve, and believe me, I've met a few of those people in my time! Do love that pic - wish I had it up on the wall when my kids were little, although I did have them convinced that "Mothers Know Everything" until they were about 12. It was all down hill after that though! K xx

  7. thank you Kerri for the comment, made me smile :)

  8. Hilarious! My five year old really believes I have eyes in the back of my head.... it's my favourite saying....

  9. Love it! And yes, I'm a huge believer in karma - when dark deeds hang over your head like black clouds (and in your heart) while good deeds lift you up...

  10. Hi Kerry, your Friday posts are fabulous as ever and I have just spent an enjoyable while catching up on your blog. Your top 10 is a perfect way to see what has been going on while I've been away. Thank you for your kind comments and your thoughtfulness, it is so wonderful to have great friends like you to make me feel better and to make me feel special. Have a great weekend. xx

  11. Dear Kerry,
    that is a terrific "poster"! You can call the phenomenon "conscience", too - being sure in yourself that you did what was right - without anyone (on earth) having seen it. Makes life easier. And I think there is humour (in: call it God, the Tao, the Universe. I like the saying: "Do you know how to make God laugh? Tell him about your plans." Wish you a beautiful weekend! Britta

  12. Oh this made me laugh out loud!! I always have that feeling that 'someone' is watching what I am doing at all times....I always thought it was my dear Nanna's soul;) I LOVE your Jess's take on the poster and I totally agree with her view!! Such a wise young lady:) Wishing you both a wonderful weekend as I giggle to myself some more!! ~ Txx

  13. I love it ! And the thoughts from both of you are so good. I'm glad that you wrote about it :)

    You're doing lots of nice things ! Want to see more !!

    Have a wonderful Friday


  14. I agree with the firstborn we have an expression in Holland which says that "honesty lasts the longest" meaning it gets you the "furthest" (in the end). People that play an unfair game may get quicker from A to B but most of the times this is not everlasting. It takes patience and stamina when you get caught in the unfair play of others.
    It doesn't matter which business or social circles you are in. It goes with the territory so to say. Take a deep breath and continue your path!
    Have a great weekend Kerry xoxo

  15. Hi Kerry,
    Well, I'm a great believer in what goes around, comes around. It has been proved to me on many occasion. Your first born has a clever head on her shoulders.....I like her philosophy. XXXX


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