Friday, October 1, 2010

soul food friday ~ marriage

Richard and I are off to a wedding of those 'later in life' marriages that don't come around all that often, but that have special meaning when they do...well I think so anyway. The last time I bothered to look up any statistics (despite a hard earned HD in stats when I was doing my Masters I can't stand anything remotely resembling a number!) the trend was that as a population we are marrying less and marrying later. But marrying we are...and I like that.
These beautiful wedding pictures are of Sonia and her new husband Peppe. The gorgeous (both inside and out) Sonia works in our company and she and Peppe were married on July 22nd this year. They've just come back from a very long honeymoon lucky things!
They were married in Peppe's home town Scilla in southern Italy. In the St Catarani church where Peppe's parents, grandparents and sisters were all say nothing of the gazillion family christenings that have been celebrated there! 
Sonia tells me that the mural behind the altar depicts St Catherine of the can read about her here if you're so inclined. Or take a little trip to Scilla, Calabria here.
Aren't these photos wonderful? Like something out of a magazine. But I've saved the one I like best for last...
That ' glad to see you' kiss, after the walk down the aisle :) Just beautiful.
So, where was I...oh yes, marriage. Despite a failed one (which I've thankfully stopped beating myself up about) I don't give a toss what the statistics say. Weddings bring joy, laughter, maybe a few tears, hope, happiness, excitement, fatigue, promise, and of course...mountains of love. A lot like marriage itself don't you think.
And that's what it's all about.
all images courtesy of Sonia and Peppe...a long, happy life together you two xx
p.s. In case you're wondering, despite the 'failure' (which really wasn't when you think about it, because we produced two beautiful children as a result), the ex and I get on well, and I'm facebook friends with his new wife...civilised lot we are!!


  1. Dear Kerry, I agree wholeheartedly that marriage is a wonderful institution and does, I feel contribute so much to the stability of family and community life. Your colleague and her new husband look to have been married in the most idyllic of situations and I hope that they will have many years of happiness and joy together.

    I was very interested about the altar tapestry depicting St Catherine since I find great pleasure in spotting the 'attributes' of the saints in order to work out which saint it is. The wheel is very evident in this tapestry -the method of killing Catherine and hence her attribute!

  2. Ooops, did I just lose my comment?

    Anyway, I was saying that I agree with you and I too love being married. And the photos you posted take my breath away.

  3. Kerry, those photos are lovely. Also, you are so cool. Your kids are lucky to have parents that have remained friends despite a divorce. Have a great time tomorrow! xx

  4. Those photos are beautiful! What a magical place to be married, it looks like something out of a movie. I love weddings and marriage too. I'm always disapointed if I get to the end of a movie and the two 'love birds' haven't tied the knot with a beautiful wedding scene for lots of lovely eye candy. Enjoy the wedding today Kerry, show us some snaps if you're allowed to :)

  5. Civilised beyond words, but I wouldn't expect anything less from you! And I agree - marriage is all you described, and more. I thoroughly enjoy being married to my hubby, and consider myself very lucky, as sometimes I think I'm in the minority! Lovely photos of your friend, and hope their marriage is a long and successful one. Have a great long weekend my sweet. K xx

  6. It's perfect already, but some plaintive music by Nino Rota would be the icing on the wedding cake.

  7. Such a LOVELY post Kerry:) The wedding pictures are stunning (oh that last pic nearly made me cry!!) and such lovely words too. I love weddings (even though I did not get what you would call a traditional one ....we were married in Vegas) and I adore being married to my hubby. Enjoy the wedding tomorrow, what a lovely way to spend a day! hugs ~ Tina xx

  8. Lovely Kerry... you are the very definition of civilised. How nice of Sonia to let you use the gorgeous pics. And I like marriage too - we had our first child and then got married and i suppose could have opted not to wed. I am glad we did - I like being married and we had a humdinger of a wedding!

  9. Wonderful post Kerry. You wouldn't be where you are today if you didn't take the many paths you have taken in the past - and now you are on the right path - I am sure many would agree :-) Have a fabulous day tomorrow - post the pics of you and Richard - we would all love to see them!! I cannot wait to marry the man who has made me so happy this time around and shown me that 'love' truly does exist xo Kim

  10. Beautiful photos. I love candid wedding shots - they are just so raw and honest.

  11. What a lovely post, Kerry. You always strike just the right note - I loved the tenderness of the last photo. Your civility is indeed impressive. Enjoy the fun tomorrow. I'm posting about our wedding next! J x

  12. Modern technology - gotta love it! Friends with your ex's new wife through facebook! That's lovely! Marriage is sacred.
    X Briohny.

  13. Being a 'second time rounder' at marriage too - when I tried my wedding dress on two days ago (the one that I will marry Paul in) I felt so blessed at being a bride again and at having a second chance at love again! I have found my life partner and it feels like magic!

    Tell your friend Sonia, she made a beautiful bride. Photos exquisite and Peppe such a romantic!

    BTW - I love that pic with the blurb - 'being a human is exhausting, be an owl!' That cracked me up! I love that.
    Tracey xo

  14. Oh gosh Kerry you are a better ex-wife than me. Even after being divorced for 22 years, I'd still put the car in reverse & put my foot flat to the accelerator if I was driving down the road & spied That Other Husband crossing the road behind me!!!! Sonia & Peppe's wedding pics are some of the loveliest I seen, what a glorious venue.
    Millie ^_^

  15. What beautiful wedding photographs Kerry..... and such a beautiful venue.You certainly can't beat Italy for the perfect backdrop to their special day.
    How lovely to be going to a wedding...we haven't had any weddings for a while and I LOVE a good wedding. Our son and daughter-in-law's wedding was one of the best days of my life......have a great time. XXXX

  16. Beautiful pictures of your friends' wedding. I think it is great that you and the ex are still friends and you are right, you do have 2 beautiful children. Marriage is a wonderful thing and can be long and successful. Just had Sally & Dave here for the weekend and between us, we have 60 years under our belts. Luckily more good years than bad ones! It is still an adventure. Hope that it was a gorgeous day for the wedding you and Richard went to. xx

  17. You sound very civilised and happy! And weddings are fine excuses for showing our very best sides, and admiring the best sides of others.

  18. You friend made such a beautiful bride! Stunning photos. I smiled reading about you being Facebook friends with your ex's new wife :) My mum and Dad were definitely better friends after they divorced too :)

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