Friday, November 18, 2011

my current favourite kitchen gadget...

I'm getting a great deal of pleasure at the moment, heading out to the postage stamp sized veggie patch in my courtyard in the morning, picking some stuff and packing myself a little home-grown salad to take to work for lunch.
Obviously the goat's cheese isn't townhouse grown (there's only room for one goat in this place!), nor are the onions but everything else spinach, cos, basil, rocket, coriander, parsley.  And once the tomatoes start ripening they'll be in there too.
I don't think the flinging together of a little green salad can be done to the maximum level of perfection without one of these ...
...may I present my current must have, can't live without kitchen gadget... the salad spinner. Don't scoff. That one up there isn't's mine. Much less flash, and pretty cheap, but still up to the job.
And a touch of this delicious mayonnaise doesn't go astray either. 
Just add some ham or cold chook or smoked salmon or nothing, and throw in a bit of diced avocado...yum. Quick, easy, what more could you want except a fully catered three course gourmet meal delivered by an impeccably dressed serving person, and perhaps a cold refreshing glass of something or other to get the creative juices flowing in the postprandial working hours! That postprandial word was for the word queen Felicity : )
So, what's your personal favourite kitchen gadget this week?


  1. There's not much better than eating veggies from your own patch. They always taste better.
    One kitchen gadget I always scoffed at was a rice cooker, until I tried one. They are brilliant! And do you know the design hasn't changed at all since they were created in the 1940's? Clever.
    I hope your weekend is a relaxing one. X
    Ps love the goat comment :)

  2. Hello Kerry:
    What a brilliant idea to have a tiny potager in your courtyard garden and how lovely to be able to go out there and gather a few fresh leaves for lunch. Once you can add your own baby tomatoes, that will be perfection on a plate!

    We never go into the kitchen...who knows what lies within those cupboards?!!

  3. I'm with Sarah. Love my rice cooker too. And your salad greens look wonderfully satisfying to eat. And now I'm off to get my dictionary...xx

  4. Mouth watering from start to finish and the dressing on the post was not one but two delightful words - postprandial of course and piquant.

    Thank you for this fabulous sharing and inspiring me to not only get my herb and vege seedlings 'into' our patch, but scoot up the road for some manure to boost their growth 'and' seek out a salad spinner.

    Happy day Lovely - enjoy your lunch!

  5. As my townhouse garden here in Victoria British Columbia Canada has just been put away in anticipation of our upcoming winter, I envy you picking freshies from your's. But enjoy! It is your turn now. I planted a healthy herb garden near the back door this year; it is all in pots so have moved them to the sunny side wall in the entrance to the carport and should, hopefully, be able to harvest right through until December, with fresh parsley and sage for the Christmas turkey dressing. As always I send you cheers and tidings from the west coast of Canada dear girl. :)

  6. I bought a dedicated cheese knife a year ago - they really work. Piquant and Zesty. That sums me up.

  7. i've always wanted a spinner, seems like a grown up thing to have. this week my fave kitchen item is the toaster (bad mother confession here!!)


  8. The salad spinner is a neat gadget... must make salad making much quicker. I love that you have your own you have a problem with bunnies? They destroyed mine this year. Bummer!

    My favorite kitchen gadget is the wine opener. ;-D


  9. I am so with you on the spinner Kerry. I only got my first one last year. I love it. We fight over whose turn it is to spin. My mouth is watering looking at your salad.

  10. This week, next week, and every week my favorite kitchen gadget is my husband! He does all the cooking in our house and I'm one lucky girl.

  11. Mine is my electric squeezer. As I'm having my teeth whitened, I can't drink tea or coffee, so I start the day with freshly squeezed orange juice. My electric squeezer makes it so much easier, and is less hassle to use than the juicer that's been exiled to the top of the fridge because the little lip has gone missing.

    Otherwise, my bread machine gets an almost daily workout. Yum!

  12. Looks yummy Kerry, keep a look out for the Monet goats cheese from Woodside Cheesewrights at your gourmet deli, it's divine! I bought a whole load of wooden spoons from Luke Nyugens new range in Melb last week & they are definitely my new favourite kitchen gadget.
    Millie xx

  13. Aaaahhh... you make me miss SYDNEY so much!
    Nothing grows here at the moment.. well actually Isabella is (2cm since we arrived!!) but of course I don't toss her. She's got enough 'zest already, and also a very piquant temper..!

    My fave gadget this month must be my garlic press. It never leaves my washing-up rack it seems. With the dark, cold (I scrape ice off my car each morning now..!) weather we need every bit of help we can get to fight off the flu germs!

    Big hugs from the far North!

    xx C

  14. I agree the salad spinner is a must have. My Ikea
    salad spinner (under $10 from memory) works a treat. Nothing better than to pick your own salad
    greens and tomatoes from your own garden.

  15. My current favourite kitchen gadget is a jar key


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