Wednesday, November 2, 2011

this week's top ten...

Thank goodness...
the Melbourne Cup and Halloween madness is over for another year...
Sometimes I think I'm turning into one of those people who could appear on the Grumpy Old whatever show...
except I'm not famous so that's not going to happen.
Otherwise I might just qualify.
Or it could be that I lost my money on the the race sweeps I entered.
I'll never get that $8 back! On the plus side, the Reserve Bank cut interest rates yesterday.
I did think that the winning French jockey was very humble and charming though...good on him for acknowledging the suspended Australian jockey whose place he took. 
All class Christophe.
I'm going to Sydney this weekend and hoping to spend a bit of time with the first born. She provided this photo...nice huh?


  1. NIce indeed.

    The splash of yellow and the hammock are my faves from this week's list and I'm wishing you a glorious weekend ahead.

  2. Hello Kerry:
    Do not worry, you will not be alone as we shall, almost certainly, be joining you on the Grumpy Old Whatever Show if things carry on the way they are. From January 1st. VAT here will reach a staggering 27% on EVERYTHING and if that is not bad enough, there is to be an additional tax on COFFEE on top. As for interest rates, we shall shortly be paying the Bank of England for the pleasure of depositing our money with them!!

    All of that aside, lovely pictures of lovely interiors and a lovely image of Sydney where we hope you will have a lovely time.

  3. Hi Kerry, lovely selection of photos this week. How adorable to wake in the bedroom with sunshine beaming in through the open french doors and the garden blossoming beyond.

  4. Oh Kerry,
    If I were famous, I would be the first one to be on Grumy Old Women. I get worse as the years go by. I think it comes to us all !! haha
    A lovely top ten finished off beautifully by your first born's wonderful photograph.
    Have a lovely time with her and both of you have fun. XXXX

  5. Me thinketh you like suzanis from these images...hope your weekend in Sydney will make you less grumpy. I'm sure it will. xx

  6. great pictures this week, although I might get a little distracted in that office with the inspiration board overload.

    ENjoy your week, grumpy!! ;-D


  7. I do love seeing the world through your eyes this week. Lovely selection of images as always. I would love to swish down that red staircase on my way to a Black and White ball x

  8. The third one looks like something I'd do. And the shot of Sydney was taken by my lovely friend Jules. xo

  9. An exquisite top ten Kerry, love all your images (captions included):)
    Have a great time with your daughter, Sydney's weather is lovely at the moment
    Claudia xo

  10. Surely you could never be a Grumpy Old whatever?
    Have a lovely time in Sydney. Great images. Love those last outdoor ones especially. Fab tiles and those zinc hangy things! xx

  11. Have fun in Sydney. Bring us back some grumpy stories. I actually enjoy reading a bit of a rant now and then. I love the outdoor pics at the moment.


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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