Wednesday, November 23, 2011

this week's top ten...and another trip to newcastle

Hi there. Today's the day I'm off to Newcastle again
the weather's not all that great for a road trip
...but tomorrow's really the day
...for mum's operation, rescheduled for the third time
I'm sure we'll be right this time though : )
hopefully I'll be able to grab a coffee with this lovely lady while I'm in Newcastle...
I love meeting blogsters for real!
Thanks for all the well wishes for mum.
They mean a lot.
See you later.
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  1. Best wishes for safe travels for you and a smooth operation for your Mum with the desired result being achieved.

    Happy day Lovely, my pick from today's beauties is #5 - love the colour splashes.

    Felicity x

  2. Safe travels Kerry and I hope everything goes to plan for your mum x

  3. Good luck, hope all goes smoothly.

  4. Third time lucky isn't it? All the best. ;-)

  5. Wishing your mother a good surgery and smooth recovery. She's been so patient, the doctor must be so grateful for that.

    Have a safe trip and keep us posted about your lovely mum.

  6. hoping things go well for your mum darl, all the best. xxx

  7. Best wishes for a wonderful and safe trip, Kerry!

    I love the kitchen in the first picture. I must not be tired...I didn't gravitate to the bedrooms!


  8. All the best for your Mum's op Kerry, hope it transpires as planned and she heals and recovers quickly. Love the top ten.

  9. Best wishes this time Kerry - definitely third time lucky, and here's hoping your Mum sails through. xx

  10. You and your parents are in my thoughts today, Kerry - I'm crossing everything crossable! J x

  11. Hi,
    I hope that everything is fine with your mother.
    And of course you too :)

    I think that the bathroom is my favorite this time,


  12. I hope your Mum's op went well, and that your Dad's okay. They sure produced a loving daughter.xo

  13. Oh good luck for your mummy!! Canberra weather is all over the place, sunshine on soggy grass, ha!! Safe travels, love Posie

  14. Hope everything went off well. At the same time I cant stop commenting on the ottoman in the 5th picture. It looks really awesome

  15. Dear Kerry,
    So sorry to be late with my comment. Hope all is going well and that your mum has finally had her operation and that she is recovering well. Take care Kerry and don't forget to look after yourself as well ! Much love. XXXX

  16. Thinking of you and sending you happy thoughts hope all went well my friend. Take care

    Always Wendy

  17. Whenever I'm in a 'mood' I swing by your blog for a little jolt of joy. You never fail. Hope you're mum recovers nicely.

  18. It's official!!!! onepinkchair is up and running!!!

  19. Hey Kerrie

    Hope all goes well with your Mamma.

    Thinking of you


  20. Sorry - KerrY :O)

    Don't you hate it when people spell your name incorrectly. Grrr.


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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