Monday, December 5, 2011

a christmas wish list tag...

Jennie aka Posie Patchwork tagged me to tell you what's on my ultimate Christmas wish list.  Since the 100 day don't buy anything you don't really need challenge, I rarely think about buying stuff (I know, who would have guessed the impact of that little experiment would last this long!)...but, if anyone was wondering what to put in my christmas stocking this year and was flush with funds, this would be it...
a rug from day!
or a painting...
pink rabbit by adrienne gaha - we saw this at the tim olsen gallery last month
a book (well of course!)...either of these would be fine and dandy...
some simple jewellery from elk...
and perhaps some bling from tiffany...why the heck's a wish list right!
oh last thing...more space in the kitchen :)
or failing that...a cushion!
from here...
I haven't tagged anyone...honestly, and sorry, but I'm just too busy and tired to think at the moment, so if you'd like to play along, please consider this an open invitation and try not to call me a slacker!!


  1. Hi Kerry, I have been thinking of you and wondering how thongs have been going. I hope all is well.
    I was also tagged by Jennie and I have been thinking of my wishlist. We have been on such a tight budget that I'd be happy with socks that don't have holes and some new sheets! How sad! I know what you mean about not thinking about buying stuff, it's amazing what you can do without.
    You list looks very much like how I imagine you. Aren't those Loom rugs special? Have a lovely week x

  2. Ps, I haven't been thinking about your "thongs", I meant "things"!

  3. Love your list. Books are always welcomed here too. Christmas is a crazy time of year. I just want to enjoy the season without having to enter a shop when it's so crowded. But like Sarah, something practical like new fluffy towels or new sheets would be a real treat.

    Hope all went well with your Mum's op the other week too. xx

  4. Great list and filled to the gills with things that I would love to receive too [Captain V are you reading this over my shoulder? The ring Mate it's perfection!].

    My wishlist for you lovely lady is for a gentler week with good news in abundance, days of satisfaction where projects come together easily, sparkling energy and great company or an excellent book to fill your quiet moments.

    Biggest of happy hugs,

  5. I'll take one of those and those and those and... oh, I'll just take your whole list!!

    I am also a bit 'meh' about buying a whole heap of stuff for Christmas this year. I think Santa has been on a toy diet this year... x

  6. The rabbit just made the top of my list which then goes on to include. A man for one day to mow my lawn and trim my hedges, a few home made frozen dinners for my freezer, an ironing lady for a day.
    Guess what I really want is just some help around the house to get me organised but not in a month of sundays do I need things...except maybe that painting!!!!!!

  7. Love your list. Similar Frida Kahlo pillow(cushion) available on etsy(type into search
    on main Etsy page). Hope your mother is OK.
    Have missed your blogging.

  8. I luff it all esp the rug- heaven.

    I'm doing a blog giveaway and stressing to the max re the crappy childcare options available to me in Brisbane. xxx

  9. A fascination selection, Kerry - I love learning more about your eclectic taste. I'd love Sibella's latest books as well. And I adore Elk necklaces, too. Felicity's tagged me so I'd better get my thinking cap on as well. Thinking of you and your parents and sending healing vibes. J x

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