Wednesday, December 14, 2011

this week's top ten...

Hooley dooley, life’s a bit frantic at the moment…
I don’t know about you…
But I have about eleventy-seven million things to do
And nowhere near enough time to do them in
And that includes collecting ten pictures this week...which may account for this next one of a toilet, although I do think it's a bit genius!!
And while I told myself this would be a Christmas decorating picture free zone
I couldn’t resist this next one. Subtle. Glamorous.
I’ll show you my Christmas decorating next week….that should only take up about 2.5 seconds of your precious time…and I warn you prepared to be underwhelmed 
Last top ten for the year is coming up next week...and then I may have a bash at compiling my top ten from the entire year's pickings...that should fill up a few of those non-existent spare hours I have up my sleeve!
Stay calm J 
images, in order, seen on: desire to inspire; 79 ideas; bohemian hunter; bohemian shoebox; design sponge; nomad by sibella court on desire to inspire; 79 ideas; simple everyday glamour; the decorista; the grower's daughter


  1. Tee hee hee..your a funny one special K...hope you manage to squeeze in a little time for yourself lovely x

  2. Hello Kerry:
    Do you ever, for a single second, rest? We do hope so, but not too often or we should be denied the wit and humour, as well as the excellent, inspirational images which make up each one of your posts. And we cannot wait to be underwhelmed!!

    Thank you so much for your email. We do trust that things will not be too difficult for you and will be thinking of you. Take care with the travelling.

  3. Still have time to compile your top ten...I'm very impressed! Wanna do my shopping for me? xx

  4. A beautiful top 10 Kerry.....I think that my favourite is the toilet one !! Love it.
    Hope that your mum is recovering well and that you are coping OK. XXXX

  5. Eleventy-seven million. Phew. I'm tired just thinking about that .. hahahaha.

    Hope the last week or so leading up to the big day runs smooth and then you can rest & relax. Sorry I've been missing from blogland and haven't visited for a while (my list is only eleventy-six million - but still aLOT) so I'm glad your mum is better and hoping the memory loss sorts itself out.

    Have a wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL christmas and looking forward to seeing your all time top 10 images of the year.

  6. totally in the same muddle here. driving me quietly mental. but i have created some signage near my desk. I got hold of one of those coles 'prices are going down down'hands the other day and performed a little surgery to its fingers : ) It now sits above my desk and a warning to anyone who even thinks of coming near me!!!

    hope you get some sanity soon darl xxx

  7. How I love OZ lingo - where else would you here an expression like 'hooley dooley'? Made me grin from ear to ear.

    Don't forget to breathe between the current 'to-do' and the next, then give yourself a HUGE pat on the back and pour yourself a MASSIVE G&T when you tick off that eleventy seventh million task!

    Happy hols, with love from me x

  8. Eleventy-seven million is such a brilliant number, Kerry. Thanks for pinpointing why my brain is about to explode! Now tell me - is that ivy all over the 9th one? Such ivy that you're fond of is just about pulling over one of our fences! J x

  9. I got side tracked visiting those beautiful blogs!
    Relax, breathe and don't worry if not everything get will not be the end of the world!!!! Just make sure though that you keep time for your coffee date!!!!! xx

  10. Such gorgeous spaces! The white kitchen is to die for! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx


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