Friday, December 16, 2011

88 design...he did it!

Last week the 23 year old and around 70 of his classmates held their graduating class exhibition at the University of Canberra. To say that I'm more than a little bit proud is putting it mildlyJ
This lovely young man of mine has worked really, really hard to get to where he now finds himself...with a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree that will be conferred next March. Distinction average thank you very much!  I can't wait to see him in a cap and gown...the last time would have been at his christening. Actually no, he wore a little white romper suit to that. Sorry Ben!
I am of course hugely biased, but I think his work is wonderful...
I'm getting this one for Christmas!
Though I'm not a mummy blogger (whatever that is I'm pretty sure it involves having kids much younger than mine!) I am a mum, and if I can't occasionally use my blog to brag about my offspring, then quite honestly it's not worth having as far as I'm concerned!

Ben is talented, clever, kind, handsome, loving...and he is tenacious. He's persevered through some really tough times to achieve this...and it is, indeed, a wonderful achievement. Bursting with admiration for you my fabulous boy xxx
He's looking for a job if you know of anyone who wants to hire a graphic designer with a great attitude J
p.s. the colour scheme of the exhibition was black, white and yellow. I accidentally dressed to match, as you do J
 images 1,2,7 by me; all designs by 88 design


  1. Congratulations to Ben! What a great achievement :)

  2. Oh course you can brag Kerry. Congratulations to both of you. I'm sure Ben has a wonderful career ahead of him. xx

  3. Oh Kerry,
    Many, many congratulations to your wonderful Ben. He is a credit to himself and to you and I wish him well on his career journey.
    Once we are a mum, we are a mum for life. You certainly must celebraate his acheivements on your blog and, we love to share them with you.
    Bask in his glory Kerry !! Lots of love. XXXX

  4. Excellent work Ben....and well done Kerry on producing such a fabulous bloke :) Congrats to you both, and brag away - you have every reason to xx

  5. Congrats Ben + Mum!! work (by both of you: )

  6. I agree Kerry, BRAG AWAY! Ben has turned into such a gorgeous handsome young man...and talented and creative too, I can see why you are so proud of him. All the best to you Ben.

  7. What a gorgeous pair. Full bragging rights to you, he is hugely talented by the look of those examples of work. I love the crochet rock. Well done Ben and I hope you have a happy and rewarding career.

  8. Congrats to Ben, Kerry. What an achievement and his work is outstanding.

    But congrats to you too, my dear. Your support and encouragement, your desire to celebrate Ben's success and to articulate your obvious and deserved pride - my goodness what I would have given for those gifts as a child.

    You're a beautiful parent x

  9. Bravo Ben & also to his lovely Mum! Some lucky employer will snap him up in an instant.
    Millie xx

  10. Hello Kerry:
    We are absolutely thrilled for you both. Many, many congratulations to Ben on his hard work and achievement. At times when the young, who we firmly believe are our future, are so often denigrated, it is wonderful to read of the kind of success which Ben has. We do hope that you will post more of his very exciting work for us all to see.

    Thank you for sharing this most special of moments.

  11. Oh congratulations Ben. Kerry isn't it wonderful when your children do well? You are so proud of them you could burst. I think you both look smashing and the yellow and black...well you just had to didn't you!!!!!!!!! xx

  12. Brag all you want Kerry! He's wonderful! Congratulations Ben. You have made your mother so proud. He is a credit to you Kerry. There are wonderful things ahead for you Ben and you too sweet Kerry. A-M xx

  13. Kerry I can understand you must be so proud :) His work looks great. You'll be launching a new black, yellow and white fashion and interior design line next ;-) Merry Christmas to you and your fabulous kids - even if you're not a blogging Mum.

  14. How exciting!! He (and you) made it! It IS an impressive portfolio. Luff it 11/10 (FF, 2011) I look forward to hearing about where to next for him. Wishing you all the best for the festive season, dear Kerry.

  15. That's very exciting, congratulations Ben! His work looks exceptional and with a slight edge. Just fantastic. Rachaelxx

  16. I'm a graphic designer too, and I remember my grad show like it was yesterday! Only it was fifteen years ago!! :0 How does that happen! All my best to your son! Glad to have found your blog.


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