Monday, December 12, 2011

what I read in november 2011...

I tried to read 11 books in the 11th month...I even got sneaky and deliberately chose small books! But I failed to reach the book reading bonus for me this month J
What with trips to Newcastle to look after mum and dad, and a road trip for work, the start of the silly season and the madness that is the end of the year in a consulting firm where clients leave everything until the last minute bless them, reading has been a bit light on. I still managed nine though:
Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow by Peter Hoeg - fiction
The Snows of Kilimanjaro by Ernest Hemingway - fiction
The Wah Wah Diaries by Richard E. Grant - memoir
Circle of Three by Patricia Gaffney - fiction
A Year in the Valley by Jackie French - memoir
The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes - fiction (this year's Man Booker Prize winner)
What I Wish I Knew When I Was 18 - fluff
Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris - memoir
A Widow's Story by Joyce Carol Oates - memoir
Books read so far this year: 72
I've just noticed that I read an equal number of fiction and memoir last month. My choices are rarely deliberate and I'll often pick something up, start it and then realise it's not the right time to read it. Do you think there's a right time to read a certain book? 
My favourite this month was the first one I read ~ Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow. It was such an unusual thriller, with complex relationships that provided real depth; a not particularly likeable heroine, but a fascinating one, and set partly in Greenland and partly in Denmark it took me to places I've never been. The information about snow was also (surprisingly) interesting. I wouldn't say it was an easy read and probably not for everyone...I can imagine people throwing it in the corner in frustration... but I thought it was really worth the time spent with it.
I've only read one book so far this month, so December will also be a bit light on I suspect! I hope you're finding time for some books in between shopping and wrapping :)


  1. I might steal that Peter Hoeg book for our next book club. You put me to shame Kerry. I've barely read a thing this year. And I want to read that Julian Barnes book too. Maybe over Christmas? x

  2. I read Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow years ago and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. You are an amazing reader! Most of my 'reading' these days are audible books I listen to in the car when traveling to work, on the plane, in the kitchen while cooking or while I am sewing. I get through a fair number of books that way. Just finished The Memory Keeper's Daughter and am now onto The Slap after watching the ABC series. Very intense and often dark.

  3. How was that Julian Barnes book? I bought it, but then gave it away as a present. I wonder if I should buy a second copy? I read 'Miss Smilla ...' years ago, I should re-read it on your recommendation. Ernest Hemingway? How was that? I love him.

    That's the problem with a book run-down, everyone wants a review.

    Love to your parents. And then some more love.

  4. Like the others, I read Miss Smilla years ago but might need to bring it out again. I need to boost my reading, you put me to shame! Have a great week Kerry x

  5. I've read several books by Patricia Gaffney...I have to look for this one! I think you did wonderful. November simply disappeared for me, and December is doing the same thing.


  6. I haven't read even one of these - how awful! I've been working my way throughout the complete Sherlock Holmes collection for two months, every so often I have to take a break and read another book :) Last year I was reading the classics, i think next year may be all about frivolous reads,lol!

  7. What did you think of 'Me Talk Pretty One Day'? I've been wanting to read this one but keep forgetting... you know how it is!

    I'm reading 'One Day' at the moment and loving it. I try to get through one book a month these days. Man, once upon a time it was three a week for me!!!! x

  8. PS - I read Smilla years ago and remember that it was very moody. I also remember wishing that there weren't quite so many words for snow in the inuit language... maybe I didn't enjoy it as much as you!?!? Ha! x

  9. Oh dear. I read Miss Smilla until the dog ate it. Very embarrassing as it wasn't my copy. I remember paying a fortune to replace it. Not a favourite of mine now I am afraid.
    I haven't read anything else from your list. Usually I have read a few. It is good to get some ideas for bookclub. Have a great day Kerry.

  10. Hello Kerry:
    Nine books in a month is an incredibly impressive haul, especially as your life has been so busy caring for your family members. We do so hope that things are becoming a little easier for you now.

    Julian Barnes is well known to us and we have read several of his books, particularly liking his short stories. The rest, as they say, is another country...!!!

  11. I fall into bed with such good reading intentions and find myself reading the same page night after night because Ive forgotten it by morning. Maybe once January is here I'll have a little more time. How you do it with all you have going on is quite something! How is your Mum doing?
    Amanda xx

  12. I'm afraid I am still in the fluff phase! Nothing too heavy (concentration gone) nothing too nasty (get the spooks) Nothing too emotional (The tears are becoming boring) Do want to read Richard E Grants book I listened to his interview and it sounded like a fascinating childhood.
    But I have just finished Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking...given by a friend thought it might help me. Don't know if it did but it was certainly a very emotional and powerful book. Probably recommend that you don't read it when I did!!!!!!!!!!


I love it when you comment...I feel excited, chuffed and tranquil all at the same time! Thank you.

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