Wednesday, December 7, 2011

this week's top ten, and a mum update...

I'm sorry I've been so remiss 
I should have let you know that mum's operation appears to have been successful...thank you to everyone who's asked.
We'll know more when the surgeon reviews at the six week point, but the pain appears to be significantly reduced, so that's good.
A bit more worrying is the memory loss. 
Confusion after the operation was to be expected of course,
the hallucinations were mildly amusing...not nasty or scary, and we can laugh about them now :)
the nurses put on a christmas pantomine in the ward at 1am, apparently!
The confusion seems to be continuing unfortunately...
not to the extent of singing and dancing nurses thank goodness... 
and you can be forgiven for forgetting a lot when you're 82 of course..
 but my sister and I are a bit worried. And it's a bugger when we both live so far away. One day at a time I guess.
there you go though...a bonus picture for putting up with my grumbling :)
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  1. I'm glad to hear that the op went well but you must be so worried. This "getting older" caper is not much fun, is it? Sending positive thoughts x

  2. Sounds like times when you don't know if you should laugh or cry. Hope she settles back down soon and you find a way to keep a close eye on her...

  3. Good and bad there, Kerry, relief and further worry. I hope it settles down. You're a wonder to be producing the ten shots (and lovely ones too - I covet the red chairs and the tall pink stool) amid all that.

  4. Mixed blessings indeed my friend, I guess it's really a case of focusing on the positive and dealing with the 'other' as it arises....hope you can keep this balance when I know my focus would be reversed.

    Great images today - surprisingly I'm drawn to the last one most.
    I think it's the bright white contrasting against the rich walls that keeps the room fresh that delights.

    Hugs from afar,

  5. It happens sometimes with older takes a long time to clear the medications and anaesthetic from their systems. Once she gets home and the routine becomes familiar again, that should help.

    I am glad she fared well with the actual surgery though. Hopefully the confusion will subside shortly. It is a worry for you all.

  6. I didn't hear any grumblings - just a worried daughter showing concern. I'm sure your Mum will improve day by day - it just takes a little longer when not so spritely. If it is any consolation I'm often dazed and confused with no anaesthetic to blame. Take care. xx

  7. Fancy the red chairs something shocking! and the white room with the green and pink yes please!
    Kerry I am thrilled your Mum's op seem to be a success and I do know that longish anesthetics can cause short term memory loss but it does seem to right itself so saying a little prayer that everything will be okay xx

  8. You always find the best photos. Glad all is ok with your Mum - such a stress. x

  9. Happy to hear your Mom is on the mend. It is sad that as we grow older, our memories fade, yet we have SO much to remember. I hope she improves.


  10. Oh Kerry. Thinking of you and hoping the memory problems are temporary. J x

  11. Razmataz is spot on - I'm sure things will settle down & Mum will be back to her old self in no time Kerry. Is she due for a medication review? I'm a firm believer in making sure one drug isn't acting as an antagonist for another. Sometimes the GPs need a 'reminder' to look at the post-surgery meds.
    Millie xx

  12. The confusion will dissipate as the anesthetics etc leave her system and when she is back in her own environment - I do think they over dose pure-systemed little-old-ladies! I clearly remember trying to decide 'do I have any children?' - it passed!

  13. Glad to learn your mom surgery went well. I can empathize with having an elderly parent far away. My dad is 87 and he lives in Argentina while I live in the US. He's all by himself except for one sister who lives there, but not too close to him. He wants to be by himself so it makes it so much harder. We worry. Hope everything continues to improve with your mom. Sending you good wishes of health and prompt recovery for her.

  14. I hope your mother continues to recover:-)

  15. I hope your mum will be ok...those red chairs are the BUSINESS xxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Thanks foe the update, Kerry. You've got some very knowledgeable and wise commenters. Hopefully they will allay your natural concern.
    That last picture with the tulip style chairs is cool by the way. xx

  17. If you are anything like your Mum, Kerry, she is going to be just fine!! Much love to you and to your Mum :) ~ xx

    PS: gorgeous pics for your top 10...they resonate calm! Thank you for sharing :)

  18. Hope your mum continues to recuperate. It's so tough watching a parent go through this, isn't? We've definitely had a handing over of the baton in our family this year. I wish you & your sister all the best.
    And some very cool rooms!

  19. I hope that your Mum will remember better soon and also feel better. I'm glad that you're back and your inspiring photos and writing.


  20. Oh, fingers and toes things sort themselves out - it must be worrying for you though. I'm so glad to hear the op went well, as back pain is a terrible thing to put up with for so long. Thinking of you sweet, and I'm only an email away if you need a chat xxx

  21. I hope your Mum continues to improve Kerry. I love the yellowy greeny picture with the pink lamp shadses. very nice indeed.


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